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    Disney's video streaming service has reached more than 50 million subscribers


    Disney's new video streaming service has reached more than 50 million subscribers since its launch five months ago. Disney+ is the dedicated streaming home for movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. As part of Disney’s Direct-to-Consumer and International (DTCI) segment, Disney+ is available ...

  • Nick-C

    Happy News: Snaffling Pig collabs with Double Dutch Drinks


    With just £500 in their pocket, Snaffling Pig set out to launch a pork-snack based business to get more people talking. Snaffling Pig are makers of big, bold flavoured pork crackling and pork scratchings. The humble pork crackling reinvented.

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    Happy News: Dress up at home to bag yourself a pair of Snag Tights


    It’s easy to start feeling more than a little overwhelmed with the bad news right now which is why The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are on a mission to highlight the good; the entrepreneurs & businesses who are doing amazing things, who have achieved so much (before and during the Covid-19 pandemic), who may have turned their skills to good and who deserve to be recognised. 

  • oxfam

    Up to 250 people per single water tap in refugee camps braced for arrival of coronavirus


    Refugees living in camps are sharing one tap between up to 250 people and many have less than 3.5 square meters of living space per person which will make it extremely difficult to contain a coronavirus outbreak, Oxfam said have said this week. The virus could also be catastrophic for ...

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    Furlough rules prevent thousands of drivers from helping move life-saving equipment


    The haulage industry can quickly deliver the PPE health workers need in the fight against COVID-19, said RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett. But furlough rules were preventing thousands of drivers from helping move the life-saving equipment, and urged Parliament to change the law. His call came in response to health ...

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    Revised guidance on the Job Retention Scheme has been released


    The Government has introduced Job Retention Scheme to provide financial support so businesses (including public sector, charities and Local Authorities) can continue to pay salaries to those employees that would have otherwise been laid off or made redundant as a result of COVID-19.

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    Now’s the time for creative thinking


    It's creative thinking that can help companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), navigate their way through the current crisis.

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    3 months free on award-winning accountancy service


    We know that running a business is tough. We’ll give you one less thing to worry about. Getting an accountant to deal with the stress of accounts, tax and the dreaded Taxman is one of the best investments you’ll make. At Mazuma we pride ourselves on being the best accountants ...

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    40% of businesses ditch banking applications over slow diligence


    Nearly 40% of businesses in the UK have deliberately abandoned their application for banking services in the past year due to slow due diligence processes, according to a new study. RegTech specialists Encompass Corporation surveyed 200 large and medium-sized businesses, and found nearly a third (29%) now trust challenger banks ...

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    Global stock markets rally on US $1.8tn package


    Stock markets around the world saw their best day of trading for weeks on Tuesday as the US nears finalising a relief package worth $1.8 trillion. The Dow Jones index experienced its biggest daily increase since 1933 with an 11.4% rise. The S&P 500 and UK's FTSE 100 saw prices ...

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    Food stores can work together after trading laws relaxed


    Supermarkets will now be allowed to cooperate in their efforts to feed shelves stocked amid the outbreak of Coronavirus. Late on Thursday, Environment Secretary George Eustice approved a move to relax competition regulations which will allow retailers to share distribution depots, delivery vans, data and staff to meet the rising ...

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    Interest rates cut to record low


    The Bank of England has cut interest rates to their lowest level in history in the latest measure to stem the impact of Coronavirus. It is the second rate cut in just over a week bringing rates down from what was the joint record low of 0.25% to the ...

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    Sterling hits 35-year low


    The value of the pound has dropped to its lowest level in 35 years against the dollar, as investors continue to grow weary of the spread of Coronavirus. Sterling ended Wednesday trading at $1.15, which marks a 5% drop in one day and its lowest level since 1985. It follows ...

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    UK markets drop on stimulus announcement


    Image: David Iliff Stock prices in the UK took another tumble today (Wednesday) despite the Chancellor's £330 billion plus support package for businesses. The FTSE 100 slumped more than 5% in morning trading before recovering slightly by mid-afternoon. Travel, housing and aerospace firms saw the biggest falls. Meanwhile, the ...

  • Carphone Warehouse

    Carphone Warehouse to close standalone stores


    Carphone Warehouse has announced it will close all of its 531 standalone stores, resulting in nearly 3,000 job losses. The mobile phone retailer said it was not because of the Coronavirus outbreak, stressing it was due to changes in the mobile phone market. It will continue to operate within 305 ...

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    Financial market 'Fear Gauge' hits record high


    A key measure of volatility in stock markets, known as the "Fear Gauge", has risen to record levels amid continued falls in share prices. Some global markets have seen five of the largest single-day falls within the past month. The US' Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 13% down on Friday's ...

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    New Bank of England governor promises 'prompt action'


    Image: Alex Guibord The new governor of the Bank of England has promised to take "prompt action again" to limit the damage to the economy caused by Coronavirus. Andrew Bailey, who replaced Mark Carney as the head of the UK's central bank on today (Monday), was speaking after the ...

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    Stock markets plunge despite central bank stimulus


    The world's major stock markets have continued to fall sharply today (Monday) despite a co-ordinated effort to reassure investors by central banks. Early trading saw the FTSE 100 drop more than 7%, along with Germany's Dax index, with France's Cac 40 falling as far as 9%. Central banks in the ...

  • Brie Read

    Snag tights brand saved during pandemic by their supportive community & crowdsourcing survival ideas


    By Francesca James, founder, Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community I’ve been talking to a number of entrepreneurs recently about how they have pivoted or adopted a ‘plan b’ during these challenging times. Snag tights founder Brie says that pre pandemic her business was doing £2 million pounds ...

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    Food price inflation at six-year high


    Image: Flickr Food prices in the UK grew at the fastest pace in nearly six years, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The industry body said last year's extreme weather affected crops across the country, pushing up prices for products such as potatoes, onions and cabbages. Farmers were ...