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    The great interest rate divergence


    Something odd is happening – the UK, and US economy and central banks in both economies are confusing the markets. This week the US Federal Reserve and Bank of England have made noises. The noise emanating from the US was expected – like a few bars from a well-known symphony. ...

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    Has the UK economy caught Brexit flu?


    The UK economy is set to hit a bad patch – how bad is it? UK inflation is up, increases in average wages are down. The UK was the slowest growing economy in the EU in Q1, what next? UK inflation rose to 2.9 per cent in Q1. That is ...

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    Bitcoin defies gravity, sees turbulence, but a fatal flaw remains


    The price of bitcoin has just gone mad – but then this week saw a 16 per cent loss. Its supporters say this is just a blip, but bitcoin does suffer from a major flaw. Consider its history, in January 2013, one unit of the virtual currency was valued at ...

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    Tech stocks tumble, is this the beginning of something more serious?


    Shares in the biggest US techs have taken something of a knocking in recent days – is this the start of something more serious? For those of you who were around in the late 1990s, the dotcom boom and crash must feel like a bad memory. Stocks surged, they surged ...

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    UK economy at sixes and sevens


    Image: Wikimedia It was looking as if the second quarter of this year was going to be much better for UK plc, but then along came data that seems to contradict that view. The first quarter of 2017 saw the UK economy grow at just 0.2 per cent, making ...

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    Sterling rises and falls with opinion polls, but outlook for interest rates is softening


    It’s been a rocky week for sterling, as opinion polls suggested that Theresa May’s rationale for holding an election to create strong and certain leadership is not holding up. But look at market expectations of interest rates, and things seem upside down. In any different era, a weak currency is ...

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    UK sees first quarter blow, but is it fighting back in Q2?


    The latest data on the UK economy told a tale of woe, but there are reasons to think this may be as bad as it gets. The UK economy grew at just 0.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year, and not by 0.3 per cent, as previous ...

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    Have markets corrected or just woken up to reality?


    After hitting new highs with such regularity, it was becoming tedious, US stocks saw a sharp sell-off yesterday. Is this a problem or just a little turbulence on the flight to growth? The Dow Jones lost 1.78 per cent yesterday, the S&P 500 lost 1.82 per cent, and the NASDAQ ...

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    Stock markets still booming, will it end in tears?


    In sport, there are winners and losers. In the world of stock markets, and over the last few days, it seems there have only been winners, as records tumble faster than you say, ‘on your marks, get set, go!’ But can it last? Will such rapid growth end in tears ...

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    UK inflation jumps, but not as far as it seems


    Image: Flickr UK inflation saw a big pick-up in April, according to data out today, but drill down, and you find that inflation is not rising as fast as many economists were forecasting, just a few months ago. Inflation rose to 2.7 per cent in April, against 2.3 per ...

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    UK election and the markets – what outcome do they prefer?


    Take a look back at how the markets have reacted to past general elections and their preference becomes clear – not that it makes them right. There have been three occasions since 1970 when the result was a surprise – February 1974, 1992 and 2015. In 1974, opinion polls ...

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    FTSE 100 hovers around all time high


    If the FTSE 100 is a reflection of the UK economy, then right now the economy should be booming, the index is playing with the all-time high, again. Friday 12 th May – the FTSE 100 closes at 7,435.39 – a new nigh all-time high. To put that reading ...

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    Markets set fear to one side


    There is a market index that is meant to show fear – and yesterday it went within a whisker of an all-time low. So, let’s get this straight: there is the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, President Trump has just fired the man who is responsible for investigating ...

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    UK economy looks set to shake-off Q1 nerves


    Image: Wikimedia Frankly, it looked as if the UK economy was in trouble, but maybe it was just a kind of winter shiver because the latest news on UK plc came with a fine dollop of good news, there is still a niggle, however. The UK economy grew by ...

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    Apple and Facebook complete quintet of stunning results


    The United States Army Band Apple and Facebook have been added to Microsoft, Alphabet/Google and Amazon – the results are all in, and they are impressive, all-round, but the story is only just beginning. If you sign-up to the narrative of accelerating technology, then you no doubt believe in ...

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    Phew, UK manufacturing sees big jump in April


    After a succession of worrisome reports and data on the UK economy, the first working day of May brought with it some much needed good news on the UK economy.UK manufacturing had a good April, if the latest purchasing managers index – or PMI – is any guide, it was ...

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    UK and US see big slowdown in Q1 – but Brexit may be making its mark


    Image: Nicolas Raymond/Flickr Both the UK and US economies saw a significant slowdown in growth in the first quarter, but the UK slowdown might pose bigger reasons to worry – Brexit may be a factor. For growth in US GDP, every first quarter since 2011 has been a disappointing. ...

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    NASDAQ hits new record as techs continue to celebrate – US small companies do well too


    Stock markets tracking US techs and smaller businesses are surging, it is like the good times are back, it is not quite so good for the traditional US companies. Why? When Nat King Cole sang about love, he said “it is over before it has begun.” Well, much the same ...

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    The end of reflation?


    The hope was that inflation was making a return, and a cheap pound would give UK exports a boost. The markets went out and bought on such hope. But was it a forlorn hope? Inflation has been creeping up, right? In the UK, it has risen from minus 0.1 per ...

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    Fintech and challenger banks beginning to challenge, warns Bank of England governor


    Image: Tech in Asia Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, and PwC have been busy waxing lyrical about challenger banks and Fintech. Fintech is beginning to pose a threat to the business model of traditional banks, said Mark Carney, yesterday. He warned that Fintech could reduce loyalty ...