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    Good news on the UK economy, but one big fear lingers

    2017-10-02T08:43:38Z Leyla.a The UK economy is stronger than we thought, but a question still hovers. If UK interest rates are set to rise, can indebted households survive higher interest rates? The simple answer is that it depends. Higher rates are affordable, providing they don’t rise too high. But let’s ...

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    Up, up and away: the pound soars, but not for the right reasons


    Image: Sterling has reversed weeks of falls in just a few days, is this the markets saying: “we believe in the UK?” Are they saying: “We think the UK is set for a good run?” Forget about Brexit, the UK looks good?” UK Inflation has been rising – ...

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    All change please, Bank of England heralds a new economic phase


    It didn’t say much that was different, but it was enough all the same. On September 15 th 2017, ten years and a day on from the Northern Rock collapse, the UK economy suddenly looks very different. The Bank of England’s monetary policy committee hasn’t done much in a ...

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    Global credit analysts warn of serious UK consumer debt problem and credit crunch concerns


    The extraordinary rate of growth of UK consumer debit has become a ‘serious problem’ according to a group of the world’s leading experts in credit. The group also suggested a soft rather than hard Brexit and restricting lending criteria could improve financial stability. 74 per cent of the 200 credit ...

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    UK inflation jumps, but will it be short-lived?


    UK inflation is up, but there are reasons to think it may soon come tumbling down. UK inflation hit 2.9 per cent in August, the joint highest level since April 2012. More worrying, core inflation, which excludes oil, food and tobacco, and is thus a less volatile reading, also rose, ...

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    Markets bet on UK rates staying on hold for a lot longer yet


    Image: Policy Exchange, Mark Carney, Bank of England governor UK interest rates are at a record low – no news there, it has been like that for around ten years. Until recently, UK interest rates were widely expected to go up this year, or early next, well that is ...

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    UK still the sorry economy of Europe


    There is a hint of hope lurking in the latest figures on the UK economy, but the overall picture is not so good, it seems that the UK is still on course for being one of the worst performing economies in Europe this year. In the immediate aftermath of the ...

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    Pound takes a pummelling


    The pound fell to a new eight-year low against the euro, expect a knock-on effect on real wages next year. UK inflation is hardly off the charts. At 2.6 per cent in July, it was ever so slightly above the Bank of England's two per cent target. In a different ...

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    EU talks storm ahead to square one


    David Davis the Brexit secretary wants the EU to revisit the way Brexit negotiations proceed. And an economics professor from Cardiff University has claimed that the UK would see a £135 billion boost if it chose the hard Brexit option. Do either Mr Davis or the economics professor have a ...

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    The pro-business president falls out with business, when will the markets get it?


    Image: Greg Richter President Trump’s business council is no more – is this the end of Trump’s image as the pro-business president? Not everyone is a fan of President Trump, but the markets fall into the pro-camp. They like him for his planned policies – the promised massive spending ...

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    Stubborn as an English bulldog:  Inflation seems determined to stay below forecasts

    2017-08-15T17:33:17Z Inflation seems stuck – despite the best and worst intentions – it just won’t rear its ugly head. Inflation was 2.6 per cent in July, the same level as June, contrasting with a 2.9 per cent inflation rate in May. So called core inflation – minus food, energy ...

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    Economic confidence worsens as fears about political risk and Brexit grow


    A survey of FTSE 350 companies by ICSA: The Governance Institute in association with the Financial Times finds the mood among the FTSE 350 depressed as confidence in the UK economy hits a new low and political risk and Brexit cause increasing concern.

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    UK economy crawls along near bottom, as Bank of England warns of low business investment


    Image: Parliament TV We now have the data we need to have a pretty good idea of how well – or badly – the UK economy did in July. And now the Bank of England has spoken too, with a warning about investment. The latest purchasing managers index from ...

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    Dow Jones does it again – another record, does that mean the economy is set to break a record too?


    The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the index that tracks 30 of the largest listed companies in the US, has passed another milestone – this time breaking 22,000. It has been quite a time for the index, which seems to break records like Usain Bolt did in his heyday. But what ...

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    $800 billion and counting: Apple gets ready for AI revolution


    Another impressive set of results from Apple, another surge in the share price and another record for valuation. The world's biggest company is now worth $800 billion, but the AI revolution may mean we have seen nothing yet. Nothing lasts forever, and one day Apple's shares will peak and will ...

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    He was the richest man in the world for a few hours, but is the Bezos wealth built on a pack of cards?


    Image: Flickr For a few hours, Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon, was the richest man in the world. And then reality struck, as Amazon revealed its latest results. Is it time we examined Amazon through the lens of reality, too? Maybe the real power of Amazon is not ...

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    IMF’s odd forecasts and the lack of need for a Dunkirk spirit


    There is a superb film doing the rounds at the moment – Dunkirk is a brilliant historical epic, but bears no relevance to what is happening today – and neither, or so it appears, do the latest forecasts from the IMF. The IMF reckons that the UK economy will grow ...

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    Pound falls to 2017 low against euro, real wages to be casualty


    The pound has fallen sharply against the euro, expect the impact to bite next year. A month ago, the head of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, appeared to drop a hint that the period of quantitative easing (QE) in the euro area was due to come to an ...

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    The impossible economy


    Image: Necker The last few days has thrown up three pieces of information about the UK economy – combined they seem to tell a story that is impossible. Jobs For UK plc. I have good news on jobs. UK employment has risen to its highest level ever recorded. In ...

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    UK economy hit by double blow, maybe only entrepreneurs can save it


    Image: David Goehring The economic news is out, and – well you need to make sure you are sitting down before you read on, it ain’t pretty, maybe we need entrepreneurs more than ever. Let’s look at the least piece of bad news first. This morning saw the latest ...