By Claire West

According to the Office for National Statistics, business investment is estimated to have risen by 7.8 per cent for the first quarter of 2010 in comparison to the previous quarter.

As a leading industry publisher, AngelNews can provide a national snap shot of activity in the early stage investment market through the advertisements it carries. A recent survey shows the recovery is much larger in the early stage market than overall business investment.

A survey of companies advertising their fundraising with AngelNews between November 2009 and March 2010 revealed that 77.7% of businesses received calls from more than two investors, and some received as many as 17 enquiries. This shows more than a 44% increase in activity from the previous period, which saw 53.3% of companies receive enquiries.

Significantly, 66.6% of companies advertising with AngelNews have also raised money since October last year. With over 4,000 business angels and venture capitalists in its community AngelNews has the biggest investor reach in the UK and Europe.

Sarah Abrahams, Sales Manager at AngelNews commented: “Through our presence as the voice of the early stage investment community in Europe, we are in an ideal position to observe what is happening in the market. We recently analysed companies who advertised their investment opportunities with us, and we were delighted with the outcome, and with the snap shot it provides for the industry.

“Although we launched our investment advertisement service because there was demand from both entrepreneurs and investors to create a new deal channel, one of the unforeseen benefits has been that we can now see clearly what happens in the market and report on our findings. This helps the market to become more transparent and improves chances of success for everyone”.

Jullian Preston-Powers, a recent advertiser with AngelNews said:

“Many thanks to the team at AngelNews. Significant funding was injected into ThermaHelm Crash Helmets and we are on track to launch the product in November at the NEC Motorcycle Show. We could not have done it without your help!"

Sarah Abrahams added: “AngelNews is passionate about helping exciting companies find the investment to achieve their growth potential, as well as providing a good source of deal-flow for our investor audience.”