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Check out our list of our 2022 workshops below


IF Latte Art Workshop

Latte Art Challenge with Collab Coffee

Put your barista skills to the test! Join the Collab Team, and try to make your company logo with just milk and coffee!

IF Breathing Workshop

Health & Empowerment Breathing Workshop: The Toolkit You Were Never Taught

Learn how to take control of your body in a way you’ve never been taught. Understand what healthy and unhealthy breathing looks like, and how to retrain it day and night so that you can benefit from better performance, recovery, focus, sleep and quality of life, with founder of LiNK BREATHING, and Breathing Retrainer & Awareness Coach Jane Tarrant.

IF Public Speaking Workshop

Public Speaking Workshop: From Founder to Thought Leader

Helping entrepreneurs use public speaking to position themselves as leaders in their industry and grow their business.



IF Art Sippers Workshop

Art Sippers Painting Experience 

Take on the ART SIPPERS challenge and see if you can go from ZERO to PICASSO within 90 minutes!

  • FEEL inspired while you dress up in a painters apron and famous blue beret.
  • BECOME the artist you were born to be, with a paintbrush in one hand and a cheeky sip in the other.
  • CREATE your own canvas painting with step-by-step instructions from our creative couple NorteyPitcher.

By the end of the event you’ll have learned a new skill, gained creative confidence and produced some wall-worthy art.

IF Pilates Workshop


Start your day right with Cynthia Kesington, a Mind and Body Coach, motivational speaker and Pilates instructor with over five years experience. She’s also an Adidas women Run Coach and a trainer at the Deliciously Ella. Learn how your body moves so that they can move more easily in all aspects of life in this fun beginner friendly class!

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