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How to create more diverse workplaces and why it’s so important


As we celebrate Black History Month it’s important to understand how we can do more as a society to create better environments for everyone that are diverse, inclusive and representative. 

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Gareth Thomas encourages more people to have ‘uncomfortable’ conversations in order to make a change


Ideas Fest speaker, welsh rugby legend, and HIV advocate Gareth Thomas is encouraging people to have more ‘uncomfortable’ conversations around HIV in order to help educate people and destigmatise the virus.

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StartUps Will Save Us winner Prom Ally explains how she’s using her prize to get her name out there


At this year’s Ideas Fest we worked with RAAISE - the funding platform for climate startups, to host the StartUps Will Save Us stage.

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Black History Month 2022: Nova Reid discusses sustainable allyship


Ahead of its paperback release, The Good Ally author Nova Reid recently spoke to Stylist to discuss how we can create sustainable allyship.

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Creating truly safe spaces in our workplaces - How to be an ally in the office


The topic of diversity and inclusion has been on the radar of many businesses and organisations for quite some time - catapulted after the tragic events of George Floyd’s death which lead to the Black Lives Matter movement. This made the world take a step back and look at the way they’re treating others and people began taking steps to create more diverse and inclusive environments than ever.

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Producing Idea’s Fest’s Highlight Films: LUNA TIDES Productions


LUNA TIDES Productions tells us the process of how they prepared for the filming of Ideas Fest - giving insight into how a production team takes on a festival….

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“Just because somebody told you you can’t, it doesn’t mean you should listen”: Meet Sophie Morgan the award-winning disability advocate


Sophie Morgan, Disability Advocate, TV Presenter & Social Entrepreneur sat down with Rebel Book Club at Ideas Fest to discuss her story, what life is like being one of the first female TV presenters in the world with a physical disability, and gave us insight into her memoir, ‘Driving Forwards’.

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Budweiser Brewing partners with WalkSafe App to make nights out safer for everyone


New findings from Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I reveal that almost two-thirds (64%) of the UK’s public says personal safety is front of mind when deciding to go on a night out – with as many as 81% of women who visit pubs, clubs and bars reporting that they consider their safety when getting home, and 63% of females say they plan their route home before even heading out.

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The importance of being your authentic self with Gareth Thomas CBE


Gareth Thomas CBE took to the Conversations that Matter stage to discuss his journey with mental health, men’s mental health in sport, and the importance of being your most authentic self. 

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WalkSafe app raises £170k in crowdfund


Emma Kay’s WalkSafe app raises £170k in under a month, in a hugely popular crowdfund.

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The sustainability startup on a mission to Bin Bezos and Buy Better


A new platform for sustainable products is crowdfunding to bring better buying to more people than ever – and they aren’t taking any prisoners.

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Set your sights on TikTok Success - From the experts at TikTok Business


Two businesses that are experienced in the business side of TikTok are OnlyCurls and DIY With Emma. They joined us and TikTok business expert Katey McElroy at Ideas Fest to discuss their business’ journey with TikTok, how to get started, and their top tips and tricks for success on the app.

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People like me: Why representation matters in the workplace


A diverse panel of speakers came together at Ideas Fest to discuss the importance of representation in the workplace, in order to create a better, more diverse society.

Brad Burton Ideas Fest

“Every single decision you’ve ever made in your life has brought you to this moment” - Brad Burton took to the stage to inspire at Ideas Fest


Brad Burton is the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker, founder of 4Networking, the UK’s largest joined-up national business network and author of four of the highest-rated and 5* reviewed business books on Amazon, including the famous ‘Get off your Arse’.

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There’s no KPI in wellbeing - How can we measure employee wellbeing?


Firstly, what is a KPI?

Michael Acton Smith Ideas Fest

“Any entrepreneur building something great will fail more than they succeed and you have to be okay with that,”: Conversations that matter with Michael Acton Smith’


Michael Acton Smith OBE is the current co-CEO and co-Founder of Calm, a meditation space company. He is also the founder of, and founder and chairman of children’s entertainment company Mind Candy – the creators of Moshi Monsters. 

Ideas Fest Debate Mate

Is education the primary engine for creating a more diverse and inclusive world? - Debate Mate presents the conversation at Ideas Fest


Diversity and Inclusion is at the forefront of so many conversations today - as it should be. With businesses educating themselves on how they can be more inclusive, events and productions ensuring their lineups are diverse, and people learning how to be better allies to their peers.

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How I was an effective boss but a bad leader: Chris Kenna speaks at Ideas Fest


We often think that being an effective boss is the same as being a good leader, but Chris Kenna CEO and Founder of Brand Advance tells his story of how different those two things are, and how being just one and not the other can be detrimental to your team

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Ideas Fest 2022 is complete…and here’s how it went: “It’s set to become an annual pilgrimage for all entrepreneurs.


Ideas Fest 2022 is over, but we’re not over the lasting excitement, and buzz that came after - and we’re already planning for 2023!

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EmpoWOMENt: Redefining power in the boardroom


Ideas Fest hosted an inspiring panel talk with businesswomen Lucy Cohen, Emma Sayle, Ellie Webb, Hannah & Sophie Pycroft, where they discussed the importance of empowerment from the bedroom all the way to the boardroom. Hear their thoughts on the topic here:

AA announcement

The AA teams up with Ideas Fest as latest sponsor


Ideas Fest is coming to Wickham this August, where we will be hosting a number of inspiring disruptors, leaders, change-makers and founders for 2 days of conversations, ideas and entertainment. 

Killing Kittens

Emma Sayle discusses the importance of empowering women, and all things Ideas Fest


Emma Sayle, serial entrepreneur, women’s advocate, and founder of The KK Group discusses the importance of empowering women in business, and all things Ideas Fest. 

CSI Cop announcement

Ideas Fest Partners with CSI-COP to help create more responsible businesses


Ideas Fest is coming to Wickham this August, where we will be hosting a number of inspiring disruptors, leaders, change-makers and founders for 2 days of conversations, ideas and entertainment.

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The countdown to Ideas Fest is on… and here’s everything you need to know


The countdown is on… Ideas Fest is just around the corner and we’re here to give you all the lowdown on what you can expect to see, what you’ll be taking away from the festival, and much more.

Rebel book club

Ben Keene talks startups, the importance of reading and all things Ideas Fest


Co-founder of Raaise and Rebel Book club, sustainability advocate and startup expert Ben Keene discusses his business journey, the importance of startups, and all things Ideas Fest.

Just Like Me

“As a startup myself, I’m so inspired to listen and learn from other people’s journeys” - Pamela Aculey


Pamela Aculey, Founder of Just Like Me Books discusses the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, and all things Ideas Fest 

TikTok Partner announcement

Ideas Fest partners with TikTok to help take your business to the next level


Ideas Fest is coming to Wickham this August, where we will be hosting a number of inspiring disruptors, leaders, change-makers and founders for 2 days of conversations, ideas and entertainment.

Richmond Motor Group announcement

Richmond Motor Group partners with Ideas Fest to bring you the Boujee Bootsale


Ideas Fest is coming to Wickham this August, hosting a number of inspiring disruptors, leaders, change-makers and founders for 2 days of conversations, ideas and entertainment.

Get Set Solent partnership

Getset Solent joins us at Ideas Fest to help you with all your business needs


Getset Solent is joining Ideas Fest this August, as they set up to help you with all of your business needs.

Lucy and Yak

“When we started out the priority for us was our workers” - Lucy & Yak discuss the importance of responsible business, and all things Idea Fest


Lucy & Yak is an eco-friendly, sustainably made clothing brand, famous for its range of dungarees, that has seen huge success since its launch in 2017. Worn by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Lucy & Yak is a national brand with a huge cult following.