Mike Lander from explains how he and his team managed to get ensoul to top Google search results.


For the last few years, we have been working closely with a couple of very talented digital colleagues (Kevin Gibbons of and Peter Knight of ) on tuning our website, images and keywords to attract as many high quality visitors as possible.

In the last 12 months, we have been running a programme to increase leads for on one particular service line which is, designing and project managing under garden basements for clients from initial feasibility study through to on-site project management.

What were our objectives and strategy:

In order to build a programme that we could measure, we started with the following business objective:

  1. Within 24 months, win at least 6 basement projects within London and/or the Home Counties, each of which are of a significant physical size (>60 Sqr M) where the client requires our full range of architectural, interior design, project management and procurement services

Then we developed our strategy to deliver the objective:

  1. Focus on targeting customers who fit our geographic and demographic segmentation criteria
  2. Build our position as “thought leaders in basement projects” through online and off-line content based marketing
  3. Invest in building a flexible, highly credible supply chain that can deliver high quality results (structural, architectural and interior finish)

Plan of action:

For the purpose of this article, I want to focus primarily on the content based marketing activities and building our digital footprint.

The first thing we did to underpin success was to work on various supporting (but vital) non-content improvements to our website such as:

  • Switching to HTTPs
  • Improving site speed
  • Implement a modern and agile Content Management System

Once this was in place, we started looking at the marketing content; at the beginning, it required a bit of trial and error and research to work out which Google keywords and what content strategy we should adopt, but, after a few weeks, the following plan was implemented:

  1. Target the phrase “under garden basement”, based on business value and search demand in Google UK
  2. Tag our beautiful, professionally shot images of under garden basements and share socially
  3. Write high quality blog content targeting certain keyword phrases on under garden basements and associated costs that are SEO friendly/tuned that Google would hopefully see as full of rich content (i.e. not simply a list of 10 bullet points)
  4. Create a downloadable guide, so that we can provide value to readers and capture email addresses of potential customers
  5. Continually monitor results and tune until we got it right

Results achieved between Sep 2016 and end of Feb 2017:


Our efforts began to pay-off relatively quickly as we rose through the Google rankings and by Feb 2017 we are not just number one in Google (which changes day by day clearly so you can never sit back), but also number two and the first image listing in Google, maximising our on-page real estate. We are also #2 for the more competitive phrase “garden basements”.

Here are some more of the key performance indicator results:

  • Sessions for our under garden basement landing page have gone from an average of 2 per day to over 40 per day
  • Conversion rate of 7.2% for downloading our Under Garden Basement guide
  • Over 120 inbound leads generated
  • Over 2,500 LinkedIn views of my recent post on this achievement as opposed to circa 500 views for most of my LinkedIn posts

What next:

We haven’t hit our primary objective yet (winning 6 new basement projects), however, we have improved significantly our profile and lead generation for under garden basements (which has also had a knock-on effect on our overall brand awareness). The next stage is to:

  • Focus more specifically on the ideal target customer
  • Trial other digital channels such as Facebook Ads and outbound email campaigns
  • Tweak landing page content and layouts to maximise conversions

So, in conclusion, there are three key messages from me:

  • Like all growth initiatives, start with defining clearly your business objectives and strategy
  • Engage the right experts that can bring insight, experience and measurement tools in order to accelerate the achievement of your goals
  • Keep refining until you hit the target you set out to achieve

I would like to thank Peter Knight of  web design and digital marketing) and Kevin Gibbons, CEO Blue Glassof  for their support, time and insight in writing this article.

Mike Lander, Director and co-founder of , business consultant and writer.

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