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1. Online policies could be cheaper

Traditionally websites are cheaper to run than call centres or high street brokers as there’s no shop and little in the way of labour costs, so companies are able to pass on a discount to customers. So it’s sometimes worth looking online for a discounted quote.

2. Go for a package deal

Some packages include certain covers such as Public Liability as standard, but where you can then also add-on options that you need for contents, stock and buildings. These packages bundle everything together for your trade, so you get the cover you need.

3. Increase the excess on your policy

This is the amount you pay in the event of a claim. Most policies start with an excess, by increasing this your premium will normally reduce

4. Hunt out interest-free deals!

Look and you’ll find some insurers charge 0% interest for monthly direct debit payments saving you money and helping your cash flow.

5. Look for price deals such as price guarantees and money back offers

It’s not just supermarkets that do good deals! Some insurers and brokers also offer fixed premiums and price guarantees. For example, Insurantz.com offers a 28 day double the difference paid if you find a better deal plus a guaranteed premium for 2 years.

6. Location, location, location!

Consider location seriously before you buy or rent your premises. City centre locations traditionally attract higher premiums as they sometimes have a higher theft/claim rating. If you don’t need to be on a high street for your business, it may save you money on rent and insurance if you choose an out of town location instead.

7. Protect what’s yours!

You can sometimes reduce your premium by taking some simple steps to ensure that your business is as safe as possible. This could be as easy as implementing a Health & Safety policy for staff or re-enforcing your shop security with roller shutters.

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