Motivation is critical to a successful business and by staying on top of what keeps your workforce engaged, by communicating effectively and by providing support where things get tough, you can rest assured the bulk of your workforce remain stimulated – regardless of where they work. So how should businesses go about keeping their employees engaged and motivated whilst working from home?

Here are some tips to help you keep your staff engaged whilst working from home.

Virtual socials

When staff are working remotely, they lose touch with not only the core of the business they work for but also the camaraderie of team members. At BBX we have an online social called “Beer O’clock” where we invite all staff onto a Zoom call every Friday and have a chat like you would do in the pub after work. For those that are working remotely, we also use Zoom to be put on in the background so remote colleagues can feel like they are in a virtual office environment which gives them a sense of connection and normality.


Businesses can also look at sourcing a wide range of online training and upskilling for staff whilst working from home. This gives them an opportunity to grow and learn, and lets employees know there is still room for advancement in your company, it also shows them that they are valued.

Employee benefit packages

Businesses can look at sourcing Employee Benefit Packages that can make their wages go further with discounted groceries, utilities, shopping, transport, travel and leisure. Some examples of this include Orangutan, Perk Box, and Perk Cards.

Marc Smith, managing director of GHS Heating & Plumbing based in Hampshire said: “During lockdown I used an incentive scheme on BBX, Perk Cards, to get my staff all a card that gave them discounts on their grocery shops. I also wanted to use this down time to upskill my engineers, so I looked into all sorts of training from health and safety, to asbestos training. My team are my family, and I really want to do everything I can for them, and I want them to feel as valued and supported as possible.”

Be flexible

Some employees may still be adjusting to the new normal so it’s important to recognise and support them and check in with them regularly to ensure they aren’t struggling. Offering flexible hours around childcare or other commitments can show you value and trust your staff, which in turn will increase motivation.

Provide a stable environment

If managers or business owners are stressed and worried about the financial state of the business, it can reflect badly on employees who think their job may be at risk, especially in this current climate. By utilising the company’s spare capacity to acquire goods and services business owners can keep their financial worries to a minimum.

Reward and recognise staff

A good reward and recognition programme enhances your brand while offering a high perceived value at a very low cost. Tim Peniston-Bird, CEO of Orangutan, explains: “Reward and recognition programmes can do so much, they can be effective in driving productivity, engagement and retention, and they can also be targeted to help build towards achieving wider business goals.

By John Attridge, CEO of BBX UK