By Dr Marie Griffiths, Director of the Centre for Digital Business at Salford Business School

Firstly there must be some distinction of what an email is and is not. Email is generally not considered social media for number of reason but mainly because it is ‘mass communication not mass collaboration’. However emails are recognised as powerful communication tools and should form part of any marketing campaign that you may want to run. Other important points to remember when conducting any email campaign is creating a ‘killer’ email to grab the interest of your customers and equally vital is to make sure that you monitor its performance across the different media channels you are using. At the Centre for Digital Business based in Salford Business School at the University of Salford we work with advising many small businesses on their social media strategies. We are currently working with Pennine Telecoms on their multi-channel digital marketing strategy; on this project we are using an email-marketing tool called MailChimp but there are many other alternative tools available. The tools helps you create, send and track email newsletters that are of a high standard and best of all it’s free!! Try it you will not look back!

There are many tips available of how to integrate social media and email marketing, some are common sense others are good advice when conducting campaigns.

– Reinforce your marketing message by highlighting a tweet about the campaign in your email campaign. Do not miss any opportunity to share your message

– Use all your social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter to embed links to email sign-up forms. Completing a form on your website maybe just a little off putting for some unresponsive readers if they have to seek a sign-up page out, so make sure that you have registrations forms on landing pages.

– Link to your email marketing campaign via your blog site and never miss an opportunity to ask for new email subscribers!

– Ask your followers, fans and email subscribers to share your email campaign with their networks, design in a ‘commanding’ call to action that demands reader’s attention and requires them to act and act fast.

– Always, always, always, include links to all your social media channels via icons embedded into your email campaign… it makes sense. Social media icons embedded in your email campaign can be very effective in a number of ways, firstly they can increase the ’click-through rates’ and also highlight what your ‘conversion rates’ might be while extending the reach of your email campaign.

– Add an incentive to encourage subscription to your email campaign, depending upon what you are promoting give the reader something meaningful and free, such as a free white paper, an invitation to a webinar or networking seminar.

Using these tips, harnessing free email marketing tools, monitoring your traffic will boost your email marketing campaigns BUT remember make sure that you have good content and it meets your marketing strategies.

The Digital Marketing Show will offer deep insight and solutions that will enable show attendees to understand how the digital world can help deliver their marketing objectives.

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