Image: Wikimedia

Apple is in talks with a maker of augmented reality contact lenses.

The internet will be on our contact lenses, claims EP Global Communications, a tech company that is set to reveal its flag ship product at a press conference in Las Vegas on September 23.

Dr. Michio Kaku famous technologist is an advocate.  Presumably, we have all had the experience of bumping into someone in the street, but what is their name, Jim, John, Jack, Joe – imagine if we had contact lenses – displaying the biography, problem solved.

Contact lenses, says Dr Kaku, will be able to display subtitles when someone talks to us in a language we don’t know.

Or imagine sitting an exam, while we wear smart contact lenses.

And now, Michael Hayes, President, of EP Global Communications, has said that the company is meeting with Apple.

“We are having an introductory conversation with Apple about the iOS platform, being the chosen platform for our augmented lens development programme. . . We anticipate that our augmented lenses will communicate with smart phone applications for display, so we must explore platforms that it can become compatible with. iOS is obviously one of the platforms we are keenly interested in.”

Umm, so imagine smart contact lenses combined with wireless earphones from Apple.

When it launched its controversial AirPod wireless earphones, Apple talked about the courage to move forward – and found itself embroiled in controversy.

Truth is, we are entering what Aldous Huxley called a Brave New World, and Apple and EP Global Communications are very much a part of this.