Wellity Global reflect on the increase in burnout and how it’s impacting both organisations and employees.



Work more, get more done…makes sense right?

For a time we might feel a surge in productivity. But it is short-lived.The law of diminishing marginal returns shows that after a short period of
optimal output, our threshold is reached and productivity begins to diminish. And excessive overwork not only kills productivity but it directly correlates with poor mental health and burnout.

Yet a recent Wellity survey in one organisation revealed that the average hours worked outside of the contracted 37.5 hours was 9.5 every week.
That’s a 47-hour working week, every week 456 hours of overtime a year. Is this an exception? Sadly, no. And this is one of the many reasons that we are seeing a surge in burnout cases. Not to mention the alleged ‘quiet quitting’ movement – disengaged employees
who are exhausted and disconnected from pushing themselves far too hard?

Boundaries, balance and tackling the occupational risks associated with these working behaviours really is paramount right now. And our Battling Burnout employee training and BOILING Point leadership series can help educate your people on all the above and more. To book a free chat
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