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    Family business tips for success


    A family business has huge advantages. Family members tend to share common values and have a strong commitment to making the business a success. They are happy to put in the extra mile to build a lasting legacy. They may even be prepared to make financial sacrifices for the sake ...

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    Twitter Q&A with Lloyds Bank Business Insurance


    As part of the Fresh Business Thinking home working campaign in association with Lloyds Bank Business Insurance Services , we held a Twitter chat with Damien McGarrigle, head of business insurance at Lloyds Bank Insurance. Can a home-based business employ people? Darren McGarrigle: Yes, the same employment rules apply as ...

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    How to Make Flexible Working a Reality in your Business


    The concept of flexible working is here to stay - whether we are talking about working hours, hot-desking or home-working options.

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    Companies encouraging working from home gain an extra month of work per employee per year


    Companies are losing an annual average of 24 days of extra working hours by not allowing employees to work from home, according to the latest research by video conferencing service provider UCi2i. The claim, based on a poll of 1,000 office employees in the UK, highlights the benefits to ...

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    Tomorrow’s working world - the future of home working


    Ever wondered what working and living in the future will look like? Keen to fast-forward the years and see what your working life might look like in years to come? For all small businesses keen to get a glimpse of the future, then the answers may lie in ...

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    Younger generation prefers offices to working from home


    Despite reports suggesting working from home boosts productivity, employee retention and job satisfaction, Employees in the early stages of their career prefer to work at the office to 'see and be seen'

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    Getting Started - Flexible Working


    Venturing into the unknown can be daunting but there are ten key factors every business should consider in planning how best to adopt and thrive through new flexible working practices.