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    Flexible working ‘should be default’


    Workers should not have to request flexible working, instead, it should be the default position for employers, according to one MP.

  • Family Business List 2019

    GBEA’s 20 most exciting family business entrepreneurs to watch in 2019


    Coming in all shapes and sizes, family businesses make up two-thirds of all businesses in the UK, according to the Institute for Family Business. These 4.8 million family-run businesses employ over 12 million people and generate a quarter of the UK’s entire economic revenue. With so many family businesses across ...

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    Family businesses 'need to prepare for the unexpected'


    Image: Carissa Rogers Family businesses looking to the next generation to take over need to prepare themselves for unexpected events, according to the University of East Anglia (UEA). The university recommends that family businesses open themselves up to collaboration and external expertise, rather than trying to protect themselves from ...

  • Duncan James (2)

    New Year, new leader? How to choose who takes on the family business


    With January being the time for New Year’s resolutions, it is the perfect period to get your business and personal affairs in order. When preparations for the year ahead are being considered, many longstanding family business owners are considering their exit and succession options, particularly if retirement is on the ...

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    Managing work-related stress


    From 2014 to 2015, around 440,000 people in the UK experienced work-related stress. That equates to 40% of all work-related illness, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In fact, the World Health Organization predicts that stress and depression will become the second leading cause of worldwide disability, by ...

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    Jaguar Land Rover employee wins £19,000 payout after experiencing racial abuse


    Jaguar Land Rover must pay £19,152.01 in damages to a worker of Afro-Caribbean decent. A tribunal found that the man's colleagues and managers had racially abused him while at work. The man, Paul Hoyte lost his job last year, after not working for nearly two years due to poor health. ...

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    Father wins paternity leave discrimination case


    A new father has won his discrimination claim against his employer for not allowing him to take his full paternity leave entitlement. The landmark case centres on shared parental leave rights introduced two years ago. Under the laws, which came into effect in April 2015, couples can divide their maternity ...

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    Creating a positive working environment begins with recruitment


    Employment involves a number of factors. It begins with sourcing and hiring the best candidates. Then moves on to retaining them and creating a pleasant, fulfilling place to work. It can seem like an employer’s duties never end. But making your workplace the right environment for productive and happy employees ...

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    Record number of people set to work beyond receiving their state pension


    The number of people expecting to still be working after they turn 65 has reached a new record high. A study found that 73% of employees expect to keep working beyond the state pension age. This is up from 67% in 2016 and 61% in 2015. These findings formed part ...

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    Households feeling the squeeze, despite record high employment


    UK Employment continues to sit at a record high, despite households feeling the pinch as inflation exceeds pay rises. The employment rate has now reached 74.8% in the quarter to April 2017. However, typical earnings have dropped by 0.4% due to a hike in prices. These latest government figures do ...

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    Avoiding wealth dilution: How to stop my in-laws from getting their hands on the family business


    When it comes to popping the question, picking out a ring and location can seem like the most important elements, however, unsurprisingly many forget to consider the impact a marriage can have on the family business, Duncan James, from family law firm Shakespeare Martineau, ties the knot. Although this doesn’t ...

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    Effective performance management creates a thriving business


    Regular performance management improves employee engagement and satisfaction in their work. This empowers employees to succeed on a personal level and supports organisations to stay competitive. Once it was all about how much a company could get out of its employees. However today, organisations must focus on attracting, retaining and ...

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    The importance of managing employee absence


    Employee absence costs UK businesses around £29 billion each year, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers . But absent employees can also have another cost for employers. From impacting productivity to negatively affecting the rest of the team. And while most workplace absences are probably genuine, other factors can contribute. Absences can often ...

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    Five hacks to make a healthier workplace


    ‘Health and wellbeing’ can be an overused phrase in business-speak, but it really does matter, says Polly Allen. Healthier work culture, and healthier employee relations, mean happier workers and a more productive workforce, so it really is in your interests to tweak your business practices accordingly. Here’s how…

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    5 reasons employers have to embrace flexible working


    Flexible working isn’t just a trend. Though of immense and obvious benefit to staff, these programmes have to potential to serve businesses just as well. Whether it’s adaptable hours or work-from-home days, here are six crucial reasons why your company should consider offering flexible working.

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    Social changes and next generation planning are top challenges for family businesses


    Image: Carissa Rogers The family business sector has revealed a growing mix in the family members in control of the firm, as succession is missing from any form of future-planning strategies from almost all family businesses. The latest research by Families in Business (FiB), show a rise in the ...

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    Millennials keen to get involved in family business


    An overwhelming proportion of millennials have a strong desire and thirst for knowledge when it comes to their family firms – with many keen to play a much bigger role in its development and success. The research from the Institute for Family Business (IFB) Research Foundation– which canvassed the views ...

  • Tricia Cusden

    Meet the woman who launched a family business, in a niche market, at 65


    For so many people, their dream is to get rich doing the thing they love and retire early. But, as Daniel Priestley often explains in his books, true entrepreneurs are the ones that never retire. They are the ones who continue to run businesses well beyond the age they'd ...

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    Succession planning dominates concerns for family business owners


    Image: Carissa Rogers Issues around succession planning make up four of the top ten worries keeping family business owners awake at night, according to research from Close Brothers Asset Management (CBAM), conducted by Family Business United. The survey of family businesses found that management succession planning was a worry ...

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    Bright future for family businesses


    Family firms across the UK are setting their sights on expansion following another hugely successful year for the sector, according to the Institute for Family Business (IFB). The body's research revealed the vast contribution family firms make to the UK economy – employing over 11.9 million people and making up ...