By Tom Peters

Feel the pain but keep doing it anyway? The bizarre but apparent mantra of many business executives.

Running any business is tough. There is an almost irresistible force sucking us into the machinations of our enterprise. If we fail to take regular heads up time… We fail.

Fierce competition eating into your share of the market? Under threat from lower cost product or service providers around the corner, abroad or on the Internet? What you do becoming increasingly commoditised? Fighting a seemingly futile battle on margin? Finding it difficult to attract and retain the best talent? Maybe your concerns are more focused on whether you are getting the best out of your people and your intellectual property? Or perhaps you feel there are new opportunities that you are failing to capture – markets, technologies, products, and partnerships? Can you afford NOT to take the time to consider why?

Clarity at any level in most of our client businesses is a rare commodity. Even more rare is real management team alignment.

So take time to answer clarify what you want to do & why that’s important to everyone in the team. Then make sure it’s well communicated throughout. Don’t make any of these 4 Fatal communication assumptions:

Our people understand what we mean.
They agree with us.
They care about it as much as we do.
They know what to do about it.

Most leadership communication tends to fall at the first hurdle. Because our instinct when there is little clarity is to overcomplicate.

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