Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine: Special Edition

Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine Special Edition

Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine Special Edition

Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine Special Edition

We know these are incredibly testing times for most of those within our Great British Entrepreneurs community and please know that our thoughts are with each and every one of you as we all navigate this challenging landscape.

I’ve always said we’re more than just an awards programme. Instead, we’re a community of entrepreneurs and their supporters which has seen great camaraderie and spirit all year round and year on year.

However, there’s never been a time in our existence when this support, empathy, collaboration and understanding has been more important and needed.

Like many of you, I run a small business and have had moments over the past few weeks of fear and uncertainty, worry; for my own sanity and for my teams, dread over tough conversations, making bold decisions in a changing landscape, but then also immense gratitude for what I have and the health of those dear to me. I have to keep reminding myself of that last one when it all gets a bit too much.

Over the past few weeks most of our worlds have been turned upside down and as entrepreneurs, while we’re already used to dealing with set-backs and having to masterfully pivot, this set of challenges is unique in that none of us are fighting this alone.

While we might all feel like there’s not a lot we can do individually, there’s a whole lot of strength and resolve in this community.

We’ve put this magazine together to showcase entrepreneurial spirit, to highlight some of the wonderful pivots entrepreneurs have made to survive this crisis and even to address and support health and social causes. We’ve shared snippets from our judges webinar series, many of whom have been through a recession, have encountered major set-backs and have generously shared their stories and advice with our community.

As our front cover says, these times will pass, and while our blessings may be well disguised in this pandemic, we must still count them.