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  • Manufacturing (3)

    How to make it in manufacturing: Making UK manufacturing more achievable


    It seems like everything these days comes from somewhere else, sales of UK manufactured products have been consistently falling. Is it looking grim for the local market?

  • Food

    How to keep health at the forefront of food and drink post-COVID


    The nation’s general health has been in stark focus over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. Studies quickly showed that obesity puts people at higher risk of more severe infection and death. 

  • Claire Harper, Muscle Moose

    Claire Harper: Muscle Moose


    GBEA is a community that really does work to the benefit of everyone involved. Something you don’t realise, even being in business yourself, is just how many incredible British businesses there are and we should be sharing success stories and championing those getting out there and doing it more – and that’s exactly what GBEA does. Claire Harper, Muscle Moose.

  • Nick Coleman, Snaffling Pig

    Nick Coleman: Snaffling Pig


    As an entrepreneur, you come up against so many unexpected highs and lows - being able to share that with other founders, within the GBEA community, has been incredibly rewarding and I’d recommend it to anyone. Nick Coleman, Snaffling Pig.

  • David Banner & Richard Pring, Wales Interactive

    David Banner & Richard Pring: Wales Interactive


    The Great British Entrepreneurs community is definitely providing an important role in the UK of not just championing and celebrating entrepreneurs’ but also connecting them. Enabling them to socialise, share ideas and knowledge, and even collaborate with each other.

  • Will-King

    Will King: King of Shaves


    The Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community matches my ambition to not only celebrate entrepreneurs and their achievements but to support them in their endeavours. Will King: King of Shaves.