If you look back at the last 50 years, technological advancements have dominated and transformed the world that we live in; from the Internet to genetic engineering, to mobile phones and personal computers.

Even looking at the past decade or so, these advancements – from WiFi to social networking sites – have radically changed our daily lives; simplifying processes, creating networks and enabling us to live and work more efficiently.

That is why this year, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards is introducing the ‘Tech 100’; a list that acknowledges the trailblazers behind the technology that is continuously redefining the way that we all live and work.

These pioneers – from those in the EdTech sector who are transforming the world of education for learners, to those in the health technology industry who are revolutionising the way that we look at our health and wellbeing – are leading the way for change.

And, with research from Tech City UK showing that the UK’s digital tech industries are growing 32% faster than the rest of the UK economy (in turnover), it is clear that the rise of the tech entrepreneur will only continue.

The 100 companies that you are about to read about are all innovators that are re-defining the way that we work, but more importantly, the way that we live.

The people on this list personify the future of tech, with an abundance of intelligence, inspiration and information that we can all learn from.

These innovators are the future of the way that we live and work, and that is why by making this list, they have all been entered into the Great British Technology Entrepreneur Awards.

Nick Winters, tech sector lead partner at Kingston Smith, said: “We are delighted to sponsor this initiative. The technology sector has always been viewed as a key area for entrepreneurs to succeed, and the opportunities continue to flow for those who are keen to triumph. These awards dovetail well with our own values and ethos of advising entrepreneurial businesses on achieving their full potential.”

The Great British Technology Entrepreneur Awards acknowledges the hard work and inspiring stories of technology entrepreneurs and businesses in Great Britain, and is part of the prestigious and well established Great British Entrepreneur Awards, with sponsors including Natwest, Fedex, AXA and BMW Mini.

Four entrepreneurs will be shortlisted for each category and be eligible to win an award.

A celebration event will be taking place in Central London on 19 October at a private member’s club, in order to recognise and acknowledge these entrepreneurs and their achievements.

Education Technology 
Gojimo – George Burgess
Dream Learners – Lucy Rome, Deena Wiseman
Prospero Teaching  – Robert Grays, Lesley Phillips
Kuato – Mark Horneff, David Miller
Engage Education – Rob Harvey, Matt Ellis
Tech will save us – Bethany Koby
Pobble – Jon Smith
DoodleMaths – Tom Minor, Nicola Chilman
TeachPitch – Aldo de Pape
FutureLearn – Simon Nelson
Financial Technology 
Algomi – Stu Taylor
Currency Cloud – Nigel Verdon
DueDil – Damian Kimmelman
WorldRemit – Ismail Ahmed
LendInvest – Christian Faes, Ian Thomas
Seedrs – Jeff Lynn, Carlos Silva
eToro – Yoni Assia
GoCardless – Matt Robinson, Hiroki Takeuchi
MarketInvoice – Anil Stocker, Ilya Kondrashov
Nutmeg – Nick Hungerford, Neil Atherton
Feral Interactive – David Stephen, Ian Bullock
Edwin Smith, Andrew Wood
Rocksteady Studios – Sefton Hill, Jamie Walker
Media Molecule – Dave Smith, Alex Evans,
Mark Healey, Kareem Ettouney
Jagex – Ian Gower, Andrew Gower, Paul Gower,
Constant Tedder
Sumo Digital – Carl Cavers, Paul Porter,
Darren Mills, Ian Livingstone
Green Man Gaming – Paul Sulyok
Creative Assembly – Tim Ansell
Rebellion Developments – Jason Kingsley,
Chris Kingsley
Splash Damage – Paul Wedgwood, Richard Jolly,
Arnout van Meer
Frontier Developments – David Braben
Digital Media & Entertainment 
Deeper Blue – Jeremy Garbett, Laurence Croneen
Shazam – Chris Barton, Philip Inghelbrecht,
Avery Wang, Dhiraj Mukherjee
Mind Candy – Michael Acton Smith
LoveLive – Richard Cohen
TheLadBible Group – Solly Solomou
Espirit Digital – Peter Livesey, James Brenner
7Digital – Ben Drury
Vertigo Films – James Richardson, Allan Niblo,
Nick Love, Rupert Preston
Captify – Dominic Joseph, Adam Ludwin
All3Media – Steve Morrison, Jules Burns,
David Liddiment, John Pfeil
Health Technology
Andiamo – Samiya Parvez, Naveed Parvez
Babylon – Ali Parsa
Cupris Health – Mike Pallett
Hometouch – Jamie Wilson
Skin Analytcs – Neil Daly
Soma Analytics – Peter Schneider
Oxford Immunotec – Peter Wrighton-Smith
Immunocore – Eliot Forster
Zesty – James Balmain
Nudjed – Warren Fauvel
Internet of Things/Smart Home
Device Pilot – Pilgrim Beart
CyberHomes – Andy Mack, Ion Smith
Green Energy Options – Simon Anderson,
Patrick Caiger-Smith
Eseye – Ian Marsden
4energy – Pat Tindale
EVRYTHNG – Andy Hobsbawm
D3O – Richard Palmer
nCube – Phil Steele
Product Health – Tamara Giltsoff
Flexeye – Justin Anderson

Direct Online Services – Will Rees
My1styears – Daniel Price, Jonny Sitton
Joeandsephs – Joe, Jackie, Adam Sopher
Appearhere – Ross Bailey
Petshop – Lexi Tamasan
The ioutlet – Liam James, Matt Green
Skyscanner – Gareth Williams
VE Interactive – David J. Brown – José Neves
Deliveroo – William Shu, Greg Orlowski
App and Software Development
Yieldify – Jay and Meelan Radia
Chelsea Apps Factory – Mike Anderson
The App Business – Daniel Joseph, Rob Evans
My Life Digital – John Hall
Hedgehog Lab – Sarat Pediredla, Mark Forster
3 Sided Cube – Duncan Cook
Somo – Nick Hynes, Carl Uminski
Fanstudio – Andrei Buta
Kwalee – David Darling
DCSL Software – Nick Thompson
Digital Advertising and Marketing
Essence – Andrew Shebbeare, Matt Isaacs,
Andy Bonsal
Emoderation – Tamara Littleton
AnalogFolk – Bill Brock, Matt Dyke
Zone – Mary Fenton
Potato – Jason Cartwright, Luke Guttridge
GGMR – Sheena Gill
Booxscale – Jozef Wallis
Accord – David Sitwell
Passion Digital – Mike Grindy
The Media Image – Grant Macfarlane
Cyber Security
SQR Systems – Dr. Nithin Thomas
Sophos – Jan Hruska, Peter Lammer
ECS Security – Nathan Dornbrook
Becrypt – Bernard Parsons
Osirium – David Guyatt
Darktrace – Mike Lynch
Wandera – Eldar Tuvey, Roy Tuvey
SentryBay – Dave Waterson
Citicus – Simon Oxley
Avecto – Mark Austin
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