Ahead of the Great British Businesswoman Forum, we are taking a deep dive into the top issues affecting gender parity today. The issue at hand is how we can support women at work - ranging from understanding menopause in the workplace all the way to how men can lend support.

8 out of 10 menopausal women are working. 59% of menopausal women said menopause had a negative impact on them at work. 30% said they had taken sick leave due to the symptoms and in a separate 2016 survey 1 in 4 women said they considered quitting their jobs due to the impact of menopause.

Despite the increasing number of men calling out sexism in the workplace or just in general, men calling out other men is usually said to be significantly more effective than women pointing out the same behaviour, something that undermines women in the workplace and other similar environments where this behaviour could pop up.

The crux of it is that women aren’t being supported in their workplace. People want to help but have never been taught how to effectively do that. The talks here will explore women’s obstacles in the workplace, how to understand them and how to ultimately help.

Change begins with dialogue

By getting together some of the sharpest minds in the world of business, finance, manufacturing, engineering, Diversity and Inclusion and more, the Great British Businesswoman Series will feature a variety of thought-provoking panels and talks via a virtual live stream. 

The Great British Businesswoman Forum

Encompassing an awards programme, a forum and year-long content, the Great British Businesswoman Series’ mission is to provide a platform to recognise, celebrate and support women in business, champion their peers and advocates, and help foster the next generation of female business leaders.

Focusing on the key areas of leadership, new ways of working and personal career progression, the Great British Businesswoman Forum will provide a platform to challenge the status quo, support the next generation of female leaders and pave the way to change on 14 October 2021 in a series of online sessions. 

Topics include:

Supporting women at work: Relevant Talks

The recruitment process: Strategies to attract women leaders

In this panel, we will explore the top ways you can attract women to leadership roles. From where you post ads and gender-neutral wording, to looking at the evolving work landscape and what organisations can do to create more flexibility and increase their offering to cater to women in leadership positions including creating female-friendly benefits programs. 


Cressida Stephenson | Director, EdenChase

D&I Search Specialist helping organisations achieve a truly diverse technology workforce by connecting them with talented and diverse professionals.

Lucy Hutchinson | Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Wise

An experienced diversity and inclusion professional, currently working at Wise to build on their existing D&I work to develop and lead a comprehensive, global strategy for the future.

10:05am - 11:00am GMT

Understanding female employees’ struggles, needs, and desires

This panel discussion will look at how to spot unconscious bias and subtle micro-aggressions in male dominated industries and understanding how important a zero tolerance policy is in battling sexual harassment and gender discrimination.


Ellen Muthu | Equity and Inclusion Consultant

“In December 2020, I re-branded and set up Equitea & Coffee: a boutique consultancy with compassion and kindness at its core. Organisational evaluations? Process re-design? Senior executive training? Whatever you need, E&C have your back. Here’s to building a truly inclusive “new normal”.”

Manoella Farenzena | Leadership & Career Coach | Organisational Development | Cirrus

“I am an organisational development professional focused on the new ways of working & relating at work. Within OD I have deep expertise in diversity & inclusion, coaching, leadership assessment & development and people-related strategy.”

14:30 - 15:20 GMT

This panel will look at how to provide your staff with the right guidance and training so they can, in turn, improve staff wellbeing. 


Sadie Restorick | COO, Wellity

Sadie has worked in the wellbeing field for over a decade and is the founder of two organisations We Work Well and Euthenia Touch. She has appeared across a range of media including BBC, The Telegraph, London Evening Standard, Personnel Today, Safety and Health Practitioner, Occupational Health and Training Journal.

15:20 - 16:10 GMT

Menopause at work: Why it’s important to discuss

This panel will look at the new challenges employers are facing with the increase of women in their 50s and 60s in the workforce. This will explore what employers can do to manage an age-diverse workforce - in particular women of menopausal age. 

Dr Karen Morton | Founder and Medical Director, Talking Menopause

“Women need, for gynaecological reasons (e.g. contraception, period problems, fertility and pregnancy, then menopausal matters) to seek medical advice more than men. Indeed the ONS tells us that women take one third more time off work for their own (not their children’s) health issues.  My mission is therefore to deal with this gender health inequality and the impact it undoubtedly has on career progression. I hope to persuade employers and individuals that immediate access to a woman’s health expert is a valuable service.”

Dr Haitham Hamoda | Chairman of British Menopause Society

16:10 - 17:00 GMT

Supportive men are no longer oblivious to the challenges women face in their careers, and we often hear that men want to help support women in our day to day lives but they often don’t know how. 

This panel will look at what men can do to effectively improve gender equality in the workplace.  


Jason Ghaboos | Deputy Director, Civil Service Inclusive Practice Team, Cabinet Office 

Unique experience of operational leadership, academic research, project management and strategic delivery in multiple strands of Diversity & Inclusion.

Andrew Jacobs | Learning Strategist

”I’m an L&D professional with many years experience in the learning field. As an assured presenter at all levels, I’m determined to improve the quality of effective workplace learning.”

Jade Lockhart | Learning Experience and Performance Manager, PerfectHome 

16:45 - 17:30 GMT


We’re always on the lookout for unique and interesting voices to further this conversation. If you or someone you know has the credentials and passion to join any of the panels at the Forum, please CLICK HERE