Great British BusinessWoman Awards





  • Banking & Finance GBBW icon

    Award Category

    Banking & Finance Businesswoman

    The winner will be on a mission to revolutionise the financial industry, and demonstrate leadership, authenticity and innovation within their role.

  • Construction gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Construction Businesswoman

    The winner will have a proven track record of excelling within their field of the construction industry, and will be leading a team that are delivering demonstrable results and showing that the misconceptions around the construction industry are a thing of the past.

  • Consumer goods gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Consumer Goods Businesswoman

    The winner of the Consumer Goods Businesswoman Award will be a natural leader, taking on an adaptable and innovative approach that results in high-level outcomes.

  • Creative gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Creative Industries Businesswoman

    The winner will be a female leading a profit-making business, in which the creative process has an economic, social and a cultural impact.

  • Engineering gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Engineering & Manufacturing Businesswoman

    The Engineering & Manufacturing Businesswoman Award will look to highlight an individual who is leading their organisation to new heights, through innovation, direction and determination.

  • Entrepreneurial gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Entrepreneurial Businesswoman

    The winner will have clear evidence of growth, leadership and entrepreneurial success within their business, and be able to evidence how they have achieved.

  • Food & Drink gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Food & Drink Businesswoman

    The Food & Drink Businesswoman Award will recognise a female leader within a food and drink business who strives for and achieves success, through innovative ways of working, clear leadership and a passion for the industry.

  • social

    Award Category

    Social Enterprise Businesswoman

    The winner will be a female leading a business with a clear social purpose, going above and beyond to ensure that the business supports their community and gives back.

  • Tech gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Technology Businesswoman

    This award will recognise a female leader excelling in the technology sector; demonstrating a clear vision and focus, whilst paving the way for the next generation of female tech leaders.

  • Telecomms gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Telecoms Businesswoman

    This award will celebrate the accomplishments of women working within the telecoms industry, and the winner will demonstrate excellence in leadership, communication and strategic vision.

  • Transport gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Transport & Logistics Businesswoman

    This Transport & Logistics Businesswoman Award will recognise the woman creating new paths and helping to change the face of the industry, through leadership, innovation and sheer determination.

  • Utilities gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Utilities Businesswoman

    This award will recognise a female leader excelling in the utilities industry, having a clear track record of delivering exceptional projects and leading a team to deliver business outcomes in an innovative and inspiring way.

  • Young gbbw icon

    Award Category

    Young Businesswoman

    Aged 30 or under before 19th July, the Young Businesswoman of the Year will have used these traits to achieve a level of business success that defies their age.

Special Recognition Awards