Employers are increasingly worried that university graduates do not possess the right skills for the workplace, a new review has concluded.In their report, the Association for Graduate Recruiters (AGR) predicted that the number of graduate vacancies will increase over the year by 15.1 per cent. However, it warned that some businesses will struggle to fill these positions.Businesses, including SMEs, have increasingly found that recent graduates do not have the optimum combination of skills to perform jobs effectively. Graduates were particularly poorly skilled in ‘soft’ areas, such as team-working and leadership.The AGR also warned SMEs that graduates themselves were becoming increasingly picky about the job they took when leaving university."The main shortfalls appear to be in industries where specific qualifications are essential, such as construction and engineering, and where applicants are unable to demonstrate the right combination of ‘softer’ skills such as team-working, in addition to their academic achievement," AGR chief executive Carl Gilleard told managmentissues.com.The report concluded that businesses would decrease the number of jobs offering lump-sum ‘golden handshakes’ to graduates this year. However, a third of graduates taking new jobs will still receive payments, which average £2,000.© Adfero Ltd

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