Small firms can be "brought up to speed on what’s going on" by employing graduates, even though many prefer their candidates to have some experience before they enter the company, said a specialist recruitment agency yesterday (September 3rd).According to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, those fresh out of the teaching environment can benefit smaller enterprisers as they will be up to date on the latest techniques in areas such as engineering or computer science.The comments follow a recent survey by the Small Business Research Trust (SBRT) which suggests that such enterprises in Britain are planning to increase their recruitment in the third quarter of this year, while 46 per cent predict a rise in sales. "They [SMEs] need someone with a brain – they’ll have specialised in something at university that can help them out with a project that they’ve got out, or something like that," said the co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau Dan Hawes. He added that many small enterprises wanted a degree "because they want someone who has perhaps an understanding of the latest techniques", and an employee who has learnt "all the latest things and that will then bring the firm up to speed on what’s going on out there".© Adfero Ltd

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