By Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility

Google AdWords is introducing another new feature to encourage advertisers to convert their campaigns to enhanced campaigns. Google is now allowing advertisers to nominate specific text that will display for their sitelink descriptions within their ads.

Back in February 2012, Google began showing sitelinks displaying additional detail on some Google AdWords advertisements. This was pulled from other ads in the count or for those advertisers who created sitelink information.
Now, Google’s allowing advertisers to specify, or nominate, the specific text advertisers would like to appear for their sitelink descriptions. This gives advertisers much more control over what is appearing on their enhanced advertisements and to be specific about what text they would like to appear.

This is pretty important for advertisers to consider, since Google has found that click-through rates on ads that appear with sitelinks with further detail are much higher than traditional AdWords ads. They also state that the sitelinks offer additional detail that searchers often find more useful and relevant.

If you haven’t upgraded to enhance campaigns, the option will not be active until those campaigns have been upgraded. All upgraded campaigns will now find a new description field when creating or editing a sitelink.

It is worth noting that not all advertisers will see sitelink extensions due to a variety of reasons such as quality score, positioning, landing page quality and other ad extensions within the same campaign, search terms used, and the relevance of competitor’s ads on the same page.

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