By Jimmy Lloyd, Partner, Redrock Consulting

According to HR Magazine, 76% of business owners and HR professionals don’t feel that recruitment agencies provide value for money. In many instances, I’d agree with them. Some agents see their job as simply taking advantage of the economies of scale generated by high volume advertising and then providing their clients with the CVs that flood in as a result.

A rather more professional service is provided by an agent who offers a bespoke service. At Redrock, we find out what our clients want from their recruitment partner and tailor our offer and our price accordingly.

We start by visiting the client so that we have a complete understanding of the role, the company culture, and what our client really wants from us throughout the recruitment process.

Many of our clients want to see ‘non active job seekers’ in their search for the perfect candidate. Some of the most sought after recruits are highly experienced professionals who are not actively searching web job boards and job pages, but are interested in being contacted about good opportunities for which they are well qualified. By employing a team specifically focussed on attracting and maintaining contact with this group, we can effect the introduction of candidates who would never be drawn in by an advertising campaign.

Once we identify potential candidates, we conduct a three stage interview process, where every candidate talks to at least two Redrock team members so that we can form a judgement of each. In addition to the initial interview process, we can provide clients with analytical tools to help them assess each candidate’s suitability. These range from psychometric and behavioural profiling to industry respected technical competency testing. We can also help during the interview process; and after the final selection is made, we offer a comprehensive set of services to support our client after the placement is made, giving guidance on staff retention issues and ongoing process improvement.

This type of service is entirely different from placing an ad on a client’s behalf and forwarding the responses. And since our pricing structure remains well aligned with industry standard rates, our clients get a lot more for their money.

To use an analogy, if I spent £30 on a meal out, I’d be disappointed if I was asked to queue at a counter and given a Big Mac and fries. If I was asked what I wanted and got great advice on the food and wine on the menu, was made to feel comfortable, given great and timely service and had a memorable meal, I’d think of that £30 as being well spent. I’d even leave a tip!

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