~ Nonprofit deploys cloud computing from salesforce.com to recruit new teachers ~

The Salesforce.com Foundation, the global leader in integrating philanthropy and business, has announced that Future Leaders, a United Kingdom-based nonprofit that trains future headteachers for inner-city schools, has deployed Force.com Sites from salesforce.com to automate and integrate its geographically diverse and mobile recruitment process.

Utilising donated and discounted Salesforce CRM licenses as part of the Salesforce.com Foundation’s 1% Product Donation Program, Future Leaders has been able to introduce an IT system that is bringing fresh impetus in the search to replace the ageing population of headteachers, with 88 per cent of headteachers in the UK set to retire in the next ten to fifteen years[1] .

Force.com Sites, a new capability of the Force.com platform, allows Future Leaders to run its Web site in salesforce.com’s cloud. Force.com Sites gives the nonprofit the power to publish Force.com data and applications to any website, extending its reach to candidates on intranets, external Web sites, and online communities. By running its Web site on Force.com Sites, Future Leaders can focus on recruiting great teachers, rather than managing and maintaining IT infrastructure.

“Salesforce.com has significantly changed the way we do things, removing the hassles and constraints of administration,” said Shirley Gaynor, xx at Future Leaders. “Before salesforce.com, we had a number of clunky systems, which made accessing data on different systems take too much time. They wouldn’t talk to each other, details got lost, and time spent trying to recover data was becoming a major problem. The previous system wasn’t working for us — we were working for it.”

“Through its product donation programme, the Salesforce.com Foundation gave us access to a system which could do all the jobs we required,” noted Gaynor. “It’s especially great for a company in its early stages like us. It adapts to the organisation and fulfills all our needs. Even though it’s built on Force.com Sites, it’s ours. We can do whatever we want.”

Future Leaders has used Force.com Sites extensively in its recruitment process. Candidates being recruited use the site to:

register their application
complete an application form
enter a case study
respond to bookings to an assessment centre and a teaching observation
provide references via a Force.com Sites-based form

Fairsail, a leading Force.com developer, provided Future Leaders with a fully integrated and structured recruitment Web site, which is built on the Force.com platform.

“Force.com Sites has allowed Future Leaders to automate all its processes,” said Colin Cooper at Fairsail. “It provides an array of tools that allows us to build bespoke systems.”

“Inadequate technology wastes the limited resources available to nonprofits,” said Isabel Kelly, International Director, Salesforce.com Foundation EMEA. “Force.com Sites provides organisations, both large and small, with a solution that streamlines all organisational functions, removing the threat, particularly in times like these, of wasting vital resources.”

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