Customer service

You only need to take a quick look at our previous articles on customer service (although I’d really recommend having a proper read) to see how important great customer service is to a business not only maintaining its position in its market, but also to aid growth.

In an always-on, social media world, great customer service doesn’t just generate a great relationship with current customers, but it builds a positive reputation for the world and potential new customers to see. Sometimes, the service being provided isn’t even particularly out of this world, but the way it’s delivered makes the difference. And sometimes, it’s the customer who have us chuckling away.

You may well have seen a few of these before (the first one definitely went viral), but they’re just so great that we think they’re worth revisiting.

‘I ain’t no grass’

‘King Crème’ received widespread respect for this exchange with Tesco’s customer services on Twitter.

I’m not sure many people out there would have been so forgiving and would not have hesitated to tattle with the promise of being reimbursed with a fresh batch of flapjacks (me included).

When Tesco replied with the seriousness you’d expect in a situation like this, ‘King Crème’ took the internet by storm with this response:  


There’s something fishy about Sainsbury’s customer service

Kudos to this pair for their consistency and perseverance on this one! This is one of the most pun-filled exchanges I have ever seen on Twitter. It’s really great to see people puffer-ing to make the best out of a bad situation instead of making an anemone of each other, sorry I just couldn’t kelp myself. (Okay, they’re not all fish but I tried!)






And lastly, you don’t have to be a fan of Star Trek to appreciate the dialogue between an anonymous Netflix customer and Michael, the customer service employee. Chock a block with some of Star Trek’s most famous quotes. Enjoy.

Netflix customer service 1


And that’s it from me… beam me up Scotty! I’m done!…. Scotty?…. Scotty, you there?


By Henry Mackenzie, Fresh Business Thinking