Government plans to close a number of UK post offices have been criticised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).Research by the FSB has revealed the 82 per cent of business owners believe post office closures will have a "significant" impact on their companies.The FSB claims the closure of post offices is "intrinsically linked" to the death of local businesses, which are already being compromised by "bad planning decisions" and the growth of large supermarkets.John Wright, FSB national chairman, said: "Politicians of all parties have gotten themselves into a real pickle over post office closures. The policies of successive governments have reduced the viability of local post offices. We now face the loss of a network, which if it did not already exist, would need to be invented – this is madness."Mr Wright added that the UK faced the loss of 50,000 small shops by 2015.Earlier this month the federation launched its Keep Trade Local campaign, in an effort to combat "unfair competition" from big supermarkets.