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  • MEP Fire Ltd
    Founding Member

    Marley Welland-Fulford | MEP Fire Ltd

    An independent sub-contractor with a focus on mechanical engineering and delivering specialist fire suppression systems throughout the UK. We work with a number of different fire suppression solutions such as: Gaseous Fire Extinguishing High and Low Pressure Watermist Kitchen Systems Condensed Aerosol Detection Tube Systems ...

  • The Wellbeing Farm
    Founding Member

    Celia Gaze | The Wellbeing Farm

    WHAT WE DO: We provide you with a fresh, innovative new venue for your company’s next event, be it a meeting, training, corporate away day or something completely different. We are located in the heart of Lancashire (between the areas of Bolton and Blackburn), the focus of ...

  • Garrison Farm CIC Founding Member
    Founding Member

    Ross Edwards | Garrison Farm CIC

    Garrison Farm CIC are seeking collaborative projects with farmers, landowners and third-sector organisations specialising in supporting veterans and sustainable development. They offer a range of employment, housing, training and volunteering opportunities to veterans and their families. Ultimately their goal is to create a network of ecovillages, starting ...

  • ICI Architecture Studio Founding Member
    Founding Member

    Jordan Kirkham | ICI Architecture Studio

    Award-winning architectural services, releasing your project’s potential – from the big idea right through to completion. See it, experience it, before you commit to it. It’s all about you, and your idea. ICI Architecture Studio guide you through the endless possibilities. Find out more about ICI Architecture ...

  • Sam Teale Founding Member
    Founding Member

    Sam Teale | Sam Teale Productions Limited

    Sam Teale Productions Limited are committed to delivering the perfect video for each and every one of their clients. A strong expression of emotion is the key to creating content that truly resonates with the audience, and they believe video is the perfect medium to convey this. ...

  • Gusto Group Founding Member Ideas Fest
    Founding Member

    Steff Wright | Gusto Group

    Gusto Homes has been a leading brand in the regional house-building scene for the last 25-years, with a well-earned reputation for the style and quality of the homes it builds, and for its innovative approach to the design of energy efficient new dwellings. As part of the ...

  • Layers Studio Founding Member Ideas Fest
    Founding Member

    James Hanson | Layers Studio Ltd

    Delivering strategic solutions through design & development for brands, websites and software. Layers helps its clients design and develop their brands and products. We ensure your project is fully considered, beautifully designed and robustly developed. Find out more about Layers Studio

  • Biblio Founding Member Ideas Fest
    Founding Member

    Paula Donnelly | Biblio Limited

    More information coming soon! FIND OUT MORE ABOUT BIBLO

  • Ideas Fest AND Digital frame
    Founding Member

    Rebekka Harrison | AND Digital

    AND Digital is a new way for digital delivery. With AND Digital there’s a certain buzz. It’s the buzz of brilliant, curious people set free to imagine the impossible. A hubbub of ‘what ifs?’, ‘why nots?’ and ‘let’s trys’ all working together to push boundaries and create ...

  • Ideas Fest Lisa Pascoe frame
    Founding Member

    Lisa Pascoe | Lisa Pascoe Coaching

    Personalised coaching and wellbeing support for empaths & LGBTQ+ folks ready for change. Find out more about Lisa Pascoe

  • Ideas Fest Mission ventures frame 1
    Founding Member

    Paddy Willis | Mission Ventures Ltd

    Mission Ventures help mission-driven entrepreneurs and organisations drive forward innovation that creates a healthier, fairer, more sustainable future for the food system. Find out more about Mission Ventures

  • Ideas Fest Reclaim Movement frame
    Founding Member

    Wendy Welpton | Reclaim Movement

    Natural Movement coaching & classes in Oxford, UK & Online. A person’s ability to move well is the sum of the quality of their entire day’s movements, every day - not just in ‘exercise’ sessions. Natural movement helps you become aware of the quality of your movements ...

  • Fudami Frame IF
    Founding Member

    Simon Browning | Fudami Ltd

    More information to follow. Find out more about Fudami

  • Ideas Fest Welsh Ice frame
    Founding Member

    Llinos Neale | Welsh ICE

    The Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise [ICE] is aimed at businesses who recognise the value in an inspiring environment. With specialist advice available for companies looking to start up or grow, Welsh ICE is positioned to provide training, mentoring and introductions that support prosperity. Find out more ...

  • Quite Frankly frame IF
    Founding Member

    Barnaby Cook | Quite Frankly Productions

    Quite Frankly Productions distribute their content locally or globally and work with their clients to ensure their projects reach the right audience, on the right platform, wherever they may be. Whether it’s a launch film, a VNR, a viral or an internal communications video, Quite Frankly Productions ...

  • Copy & TV frame
    Founding Member

    Claire Hovey | Copy & TV

    Award-winning behaviour-shaping communications & training People don’t always do what they say they will. In fact, they often don’t even do what they think they will. Why? Because people aren’t always rational when they make decisions; instinct, emotions and biases get in the way. Behavioural science is ...

  • Nottingham Trent frame
    Founding Member

    Emma Henry | Nottingham Trent University

    In the heart of a vibrant, student city, NTU is one of the UK’s biggest, modern and most innovative, with a fantastic reputation for launching graduate careers. If you are a prospective or current student you can keep up-to-date with events, opportunities and news from NTU. Find ...

  • Smashtag Social frame
    Founding Member

    Jessica Ross | Smashtag Social

    A content creation agency with a difference! Find out more about Smashtag Social  

  • Wempower Frame
    Founding Member

    Ilaria Biancacci | Wempower

    The representation of women through media, all over the world, is filled with stereotypes and misconception and we believe that we can change this with a different perspective, made of a positive, inclusive and powerful stories of women that are fighting everyday against patriarchy, violation of human ...

  • IATQB frame
    Founding Member

    Dani Wallace | IATQB

    It’s time to SHOW UP, WISE UP & RISE UP with The Queen Bee. Former serial self-saboteur, having grown up on the council estates of Preston, Dani has survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment and have ...