By Neal Gandhi, CEO, Quickstart Global

Statistics from UKTI indicate that 70% of UK companies start trading overseas through chance, rather than as a planned process. Frequently this will happen to fulfil the requirements of an existing customer, as a result of a trading relationship with a partner or as a result of chance events or meetings, for which firms cannot plan in advance. Given that UK economic growth is dependent on exporters to lead the recovery, are we leaving too much to chance? How can companies be supported to capitalise on chance and convert it to long lasting growth and strong presence in an overseas market? How can you then capitalise on that relationship and grow your market share?

Looking at fast moving markets with exponential growth such as China with 10% and India at 7%, in comparison to the highly competitive and overcrowded UK market, companies with any aspiration to grow need to look outside the domestic market. However, going into the unknown deters many organisations. Companies may feel unsure of the market and do not want to risk scarce resources in an area where they have scant knowledge on key information such as costs, comparative pricing and market entry. One way to test the waters is by opening a sales office in that country, staffed by local people, under your control, who can then explore market opportunities and expand your presence in that area.

Quickstart Global offer the lowest risk way of doing this. Through our In-House Anywhere model, you can open a sales and marketing operation through our client centres and be up and running within a matter of months, whilst we take care of recruitment, premises, HR , IT and infrastructure. If you would prefer to have your own subsidiary this too can be achieved through Subsidiary Anywhere, where we will take care of all the legal and economic loopholes which need to be negotiated to set up your own subsidiary overseas — at a fixed price.

By having your own staff on the ground, you can then explore market opportunities and develop strategies to place your company firmly on the map in that region. We are now operating on a global market place, and if your company does not take advantage of opportunities it is certain that there will be someone else who will.

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