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    Business loans for women - What to prepare & how to apply


    Research shows that women tend to be more reliable when borrowing money and have a lower insolvency rate.

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    Third of workers worried about mental health working from home


    A third of employees are concerned about their mental health while working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new survey.

  • Remote Working

    Is there room for intuition in business?


    Is there room for intuition in business? Yes, most definitely. Decades ago, I may not have thought that, but over the years I have changed my opinion and believe that intuition can be another tool in the business toolbelt.

  • James Oakley - FBT LIVE

    How much should a small business be spending on Google ads?


    In this free session, James Oakley, recognised as one of the world’s leading mobile marketers, identified how much small businesses should be spending on Google Ads.

  • UBS Year Ahead 2021

    What’s next for the US?


    We expect fiscal stimulus and the rollout of a vaccine to drive the economic recovery and outperformance for mid-caps and select cyclical sectors, relative to large-caps. The US dollar will depreciate, in our view.

  • Briefcase

    Where is economic policy headed?


    In 2021, we expect interest rates to remain low and fiscal spending to stay high. We believe this combination will prove supportive of equities and credit, and contribute to a weaker US dollar.

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    How quickly will the world recover?


    We expect global economic output and corporate earnings to reach pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021, enabling economically sensitive markets and sectors to outperform. But accelerated change means it is also important to retain exposure to structural growth.

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    A Year of Renewal


    2020 featured unprecedented shutdowns of economic activity, a fusion of monetary and fiscal policymaking, and a vote for new leadership in the US. 2021 will see us start to shift back to pre-pandemic norms while simultaneously accelerating forward into the post-pandemic future.

  • Brain

    How to be an emotionally intelligent boss in a virtual world


    Some of us can still remember that leaders would be told to “walk the floor” and “read the room”, to be present and to be seen and to be available to our staff. Wise counsel in the workplace. But how do SME bosses display emotional intelligence in a virtual world?

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    The importance of 21st century skills: Why we invest in founders, not just start-ups


    There is no shortage of inspirational quotes around the subject of innovation, and almost all of them reference the importance of what we call 21st century skills.

  • Starlings

    Starling Bank becomes first profitable digital bank


    In a blog post on Starling’s website, founder Anne Boden wrote how the bank is breaking barriers and breaking even, becoming the UK’s first digital bank to make a profit.

  • Feature

    Third of hospitality firms fear collapse


    More than a third of hospitality businesses in the UK say they have little or no confidence they will survive the next three months, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It comes after the industry trade body, Hospitality UK, this week revealed that an estimated 660,000 jobs have ...

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    Four ways entrepreneurs young and old can benefit from succession planning


    Exiting a business can be a moment of truth for an entrepreneur. A solid succession plan can make the difference between success and failure. Read the full report from our Partner UBS Global Wealth Management below:

  • creative writing

    Staying creative through Covid


    While the hospitality and leisure industries have been hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, others have faced significant challenges in the ways they work.

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    3 simple ways to keep your business organised


    Keeping your business organised can bring a wealth of benefits, from boosting efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and reducing stress - why wouldn’t we want to keep our business organised? We’re going to take a look at some simple ways to keep your business organised.

  • Obesity

    What impact will Boris Johnson’s Obesity Strategy have?


    Health food and drink entrepreneurs discuss Boris Johnson’s obesity strategy and whether responsibility falls on government, consumers, or brands to change habits.

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    Sustainable fashion: Is greenwashing a necessary evil?


    The fashion industry has come under intense scrutiny over the past 18 months over its contribution to the growing global climate crisis. According to Good on You, “Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and turns them into ...

  • UBS Doing Business in Europe

    Doing Business in Europe: The four opportunities for entrepreneurs


    In this report—part of the Doing Business in Europe series – UBS Global Wealth Management considers opportunities for entrepreneurs outside of Europe who are seeking a foothold in its markets, as well as local business owners who want to adapt to a post-Covid-19 world. View the full report below:

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    Brexit: Everyday goods 'much more expensive' under no deal


    The cost of everyday items will be "much more expensive" if the government cannot secure a free-trade agreement with the EU, a business group has warned. The organisation, which represents the UK's haulage industry, said the cost of moving transporting goods will likely rise and customers could be charged up ...

  • Starling-bank-new-card

    Starling’s approach to responsible banking


    At Starling, we’re on a mission to change banking for good. That means building a banking app that makes money management easier. And it also means being a responsible business that does the right thing.