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  • Video calling

    5 ways to build a strong company culture across remote teams


    By Sam Hill, Head of People and Culture at BizSpaceMaintaining a strong company culture is one of the greatest challenges faced by remote teams. In an office environment, the company’s goals, values and personality can be communicated effectively through huddles and group activities that involve everyone, but with your team ...

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    7 ways to transform your organisation from being data-rich but insight-poor…to becoming insight-rich


    By Data Cubed.Most businesses have the same problem when it comes to data… They are data-rich – with megabytes, gigabytes or terrabytes of data being stored, transferred and processed in their organisation everyday Yet they are insight-poor – with a lack of data-driven decision-making and no actionable insightThe reason for ...

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    Private equity investments hit record €94bn, a 10% increase


    Private equity and venture capital fundraising hit €109 billion, up 6% in 2019, and the highest total over a decade, according to new data from Invest Europe. In parallel, the total equity amount invested in European companies increased 10% year-on-year to €94 billion in 2019, the highest level on investment ...

  • homeoffice

    Achieving maximum engagement and productivity working from home


    The suddenness with which working from home came about left many organisations with very little time to prepare. Just as we hesitate when we hear a fire alarm, validating whether it’s real or just a drill, the same human trait presented itself as we went into lockdown.

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    Contract flexibility crucial to weathering the COVID-19 storm


    By Martin Noble, commercial partner at law firm, Shakespeare MartineauCOVID-19 is putting a deep strain on almost all areas of UK business. With inbound payments decreasing and cash flow slowing down, many companies are struggling to cope with the effects of the outbreak. So, what steps can businesses take to ...

  • HikrobotSuperdry16

    Superdry ramps up robotics in Burton DC with Hikrobot


    In the first application for Hikrobot in the UK, global fashion brand, Superdry, is leveraging the flexibility of intelligent mini-robot carriers to transform order picking and put-away at its UK hub – just part of a phased roll-out of goods-to-person robotics that will boost productivity across its international network of ...

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    For every pound of equity investment made in the UK during Q1 2020, 70p of it went to London-based companies


    In the first edition of the High-Growth in London report, published back by Beauhurst in March of 2019, they noted the extent to which 'London-based companies dominate the UK?s high-growth scene'. Back then, 30% of ambitious UK companies had grown in the Capital, and had collectively secured 54% of all ...

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    Separating hype from reality – successfully marketing AI solutions


    By Daniel Incandela, chief marketing officer, CongaToday, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an everyday marketing term and a buzzword. Besides blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is probably one of the most referenced technologies amongst enterprises and their sales teams. Whilst it has the potential to transform everyday ...

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    How to ‘stay alert’ when it comes to coronavirus marketing


    By Liam Patton, director at digital marketing agency Mayfly.The Government’s latest ‘Stay Alert’ coronavirus slogan has received a mixed response in the press and on social media. It’s led to countless memes and seen the Prime Minister jumping to its defence to explain exactly how it works.Whether or not the ...

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    Now’s the time for Non-Executive Directors


    By Pauline Rigby, head of corporate at Forbes Solicitors.Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) tend to be more typically associated with large corporate organisations, where they may be required for compliance and corporate governance. They are usually very hands-off and won’t get involved in the day-to-day management of a company. Instead, they will ...

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    How to manage your supply chain with empathy


    By Joe Munns, Founder and CEO at BakedInCOVID-19 has, for businesses of all sizes, disrupted every step of the way for supply chains, whether you’re operating at a global level or locally. When demand for our baking kit subscriptions sky-rocketed at the end of the March, we knew we had ...

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    Top tips to improve employee wellbeing in lockdown


    By Andy SalkeldI’ve been saying this a lot lately and here is no different. We’re all feeling this! We’re all struggling with lockdown and how it has changed our lives. It doesn’t matter if we’re an employee or an employer, our lives have changed, and that change is scary.But that’s ...

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    How a small family business copes with 400% more customers during Wimbledon


    As the tennis whites come out and queues begin at Wimbledon, one local restaurateur prepares for his busiest time of the year. Ghigo Berni's small, family-run restaurant, San Lorenzo, sees a 400% rise in customers as one of the world's most renowned sporting events takes place a stone's throw away.San ...

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    6 marketing objectives your referral scheme can achieve in 2020


    Contribution from Courtney Wylie, Mention Me. Originally featured here.It's a new year. Time to start afresh, put that new marketing strategy into action, and drive your best results yet.But if you're still wondering how you'll hit those ambitious targets, don't panic.Here's how referral can drive your business – regardless of ...

  • Mention_Me_Retain

    GBEA partner Mention Me announces new customer retention product: Mention Me Retain


    Referral marketing and customer retention technology business Mention Me, has accelerated the launch of its new product, Mention Me Retain, to support brands in the current climate. Its customer retention solution combines complex data with human expertise to serve highly targeted messages that increase customer engagement, lifetime value and repeat order revenue. 

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    Four steps to ensure a workplace is ready for employees to return


    By John Beattie, Principal Consultant, Sungard ASOrganisations across the world have been entrenched in dealing with the business challenges and changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This has included transitioning staff to remote working and the rapid closure of workplaces for the first time in the history of many companies.While ...

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    How to stay cyber-secure when remote working during the Coronavirus crisis


    At present, SME business owners are having to enable huge swathes of their workforce to work remotely. Many business leaders will need to ensure their company’s cyber security is preserved during a period where many IT-dependent workers are away from the usual security of their business’ physical location. 

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    How managers can guide their people through these challenging times


    By Sandy Lucas is Chief People Officer & Director of Operations at Alexander Mann Solutions.The Coronavirus pandemic has led to an overnight exodus from the office, and for certain industries, created a world-wide remote workforce. These are unprecedented times and even the most experienced home workers are facing extraordinary challenges. ...

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    How to run your business remotely


    By Donna Torres, Director of Small Business at Xero UKWorking from home is the new norm for many professionals and it’s still not clear how long this new way of working will last. So for many small businesses this means adjusting and managing the logistics of running a business remotely ...