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  • Oneplanet 1500x1000

    Development Bank of Wales supporting: Oneplanet Adventure


    “The Development Bank were the key to making the deal to purchase the property happen. They were confident in our plan, which in turn gave us more confidence,” Jim Gaffney, co-owner. Jim Gaffney and Ian Owen began Oneplanet Adventure in 2005 to turn their passion for mountain biking into a ...

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    SME’s: Keeping rent costs down while avoiding legal disputes with landlords


    By Joanna Bullard, Partner in the Commercial Team at Gardner Leader solicitors It’s fair to say that lockdown has created immediate and longer term difficulties for commercial landlords and business tenants. Commercial landlords, across all sectors have suddenly been faced with tenants who cannot afford or who have simply refused ...

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    Mindful eating: exploring 7 key tips to maintain this healthy habit


    By Katherine Chan, Content and Marketing Manager, Balance Holidays It has been several weeks since we’ve been confined at home due to current circumstances. For most of us, we have probably already taken an internal road-trip of self-discoveries, seeking answers to who we are and what’s next in terms of ...

  • Clever Tykes - A new book is coming (FB) copy

    How to raise entrepreneurial kids


    ' How to raise entrepreneurial kids ' has been co-written by GBEA judges Jodie Cook and Daniel Priestley and will be released in autumn of this year. It covers how to raise confident, resourceful and resilient children, with stories from 200+ entrepreneurs and parents. The book contains a four-part framework, ...

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    Virtual Working isn’t as Simple as Working from Home


    By Alison Ettridge, Talent Intuition In the post COVID-19 world, three out of five UK employees would like to work from home more often than they did before the lockdown. As we return to work, business leaders are speaking out about changes to their remote working policies – Facebook ...

  • Energy

    Energy: How manufacturing firms can waste less and save more


    By Dan Sullivan, Head of Sales and Marketing at Gazprom Energy Manufacturing businesses account for a significant proportion of the UK’s energy consumption, with data from National Statistics ranking the sector as the country’s third-biggest energy consumer. And this makes sense, given the energy-intensive equipment and infrastructure on which manufacturers ...

  • Ball in court

    Navigating the impact of COVID-19 as a start-up – the ball is now in our court


    By James Hirst, COO and Co-Founder, Tyk COVID-19 isn’t going to go away anytime soon and its impact on businesses and society is far-reaching. For some in the start-up community, the chancellor’s recent announcement of a package of measures to support businesses driving innovation in the UK will have been ...

  • Support finance

    How employers can support employees facing financial difficulties


    By Mente UK companies should take action to support employees facing financial difficulties, says workplace mental health consultancy, Mente. New data from HR Grapevine has revealed that 69% of employees are currently worried, stressed, or anxious about their financial situation. These financial concerns are largely fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, ...

  • WFH Editing

    How can businesses adapt to the new working reality?


    By Fred Krieger, Founder and CEO, Scoro It is unlikely we’ll be returning to pre-pandemic ‘normal’ any time soon — and, for many, that’s no bad thing. Only 9% of Brits want to go back to life as it was before, and some organisations have recognised this, already consigning ...

  • Special Edition Twitter:FB

    Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine have released their Special Edition issue


    The Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine is published by the organisers of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, which celebrates the hard work and inspiring stories of British entrepreneurs and businesses in Great Britain. The Special Edition features happy news within the entrepreneurial community, valuable advice and guidance from our webinar series, ...

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    Why having a compelling brand promise is key to customer loyalty


    Contribution by Angela Southall, Mention Me. Originally featured here . A brand is more than a logo and colour scheme. A brand is a the story your consumers tell themselves about you: the cumulative effect of what you do, how you do it, what you believe in, the way you ...

  • Working

    How Entrepreneurs can overcome the impact of Covid-19


    By Mark Wright, BBC Apprentice Winner, GBEA Alumni and Director of digital marketing agency, Climb Online At the beginning of 2020, the main concern for any business owner was whether their industry sector would be impacted by Brexit. Fast forward four months and concerns over leaving the EU appear somewhat ...

  • Solutions

    Why Business Leaders should focus on solutions not sales


    By Stuart Dantzic Managing Director, Caribbean Blinds Within a matter of months, the coronavirus has torn through the global economy and forced businesses UK wide to alter operations and pivot any long-term growth strategy. For those in manufacturing, engineering and construction, the recent ease to Lockdown would have come as ...

  • Phil Jones (1)

    Re-opening the workplace in a post-lockdown world


    By Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director of Business Technology Solutions Provider, Brother UK As boxer Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” A shrewd observation from arguably one of boxing’s greats. To be world champion, you’ve got to adapt your game plan ...

  • barmouth-beach-club-founders

    Development Bank of Wales supporting: Barmouth Beach Club


    “Most of our customers wouldn’t normally have been able to stay in Barmouth, so the people we will be bringing in will be fresh customers for other local businesses too,” Anthony Olley, Director. Barmouth Beach Club is a centre providing holiday accommodation for disabled people and their carers. Anthony Olley ...

  • Fat Fish FBT

    How This 29 Year Old From Northern Ireland Became One Of The World’s Top Experts In Digital Marketing and Growth


    At the ripe old age of 29, Joshua Neilly is already one of the world’s top experts in digital marketing and growth. Named the Ulster Bank Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019, he’s carved out a niche for himself in the fast-paced world of online commerce. But if things ...

  • WFH

    The route forward for worker safety in the office


    By Andrew Johnson MD at PowWowNow The government has published its ‘roadmap’ for progressively lifting lockdown restrictions, but many are asking for further clarity over how to ensure the safety of workers as we begin to reopen the economy. With companies responsible for worker safety, business leaders need to know ...

  • Mazuma

    Creative freelancers and small businesses given a helping hand by GBEA alumni & accountants Mazuma


    Creative businesses are the fastest growing sector in the UK economy, now accounting for one in eight of all businesses, the Creative Industries Federation says. More than two million people are normally employed in the creative sector, with a third of the workforce being self-employed. Understanding the different needs of ...

  • Feature

    6 mistakes killing your referral marketing programme


    Contribution by Sophia King, Mention Me. Originally featured here . For years, we’ve shouted about one thing. We’ve written blogs and guides on it, hosted events explaining it, even won awards celebrating it. You’ve guessed it. We’re talking about referral marketing. We’ve said a lot ...

  • Spotnails-business-owners

    Development Bank of Wales supporting: Spotnails


    “We have huge ambitions for the company and the support from the Development Bank of Wales is crucial to achieving these. We are securing relationships and working with several manufacturers with strong brands to sell into the UK. We want to become the largest independent distributor of these types of ...