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    Corporate Hospitality - Light At The End Of The Credit Crunch Tunnel


    It is no secret that the hospitality industry has suffered at the hands of the credit crunch. However, the extent to which it has been damaged and altered is largely unknown and speculation surrounding the recovery and expected changes is rife.

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    Want To Cut Costs On Your Company Cars? Try Using A Mixed Solutions Approach


    If you re looking to cut back on your company car costs in the current economic climate, your best option could well be to look at a mixed fleet approach. In this article we will discuss the benefits of utilising mixed fleet solutions to both a firm and its ...

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    Economy Travel Takes Flight


    Airports need to think more carefully about segmenting their databases according to where potential passengers live, new research reveals today.

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    Business Travel Holds Firm Despite Economic Conditions


    But Cost Cutting Is Inevitable And Companies MUST Ensure New Policies Are Communicated Clearly and Honestly To Employees

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    Sat Nav On Your Mobile Can Save Your Business Money


    As companies tighten their belts during this economic downturn, they need to find new ways to save money whilst maintaining, or indeed increasing, productivity in the workplace. Satellite navigation for company cars is one area which will come under scrutiny to prove its worth, and this is where leading ...

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    Businesses Urged To Implement Smart Travel Plans


    The National Business Travel network (NBTN), part of the government's ACT on CO2 campaign, is calling on businesses to implement smart travel plans for staff to cut costs and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

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    Making Allowances For New Rules


    Robert Kingdom of Masterlease of fleet management specialists Masterlease explains the labyrinth that is Capital Allowances Tax and how this impacts on fleets.

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    Travel And Training Budgets Cut


    Business travel, especially to international markets, business expenses and training are all set to be cut by employers according to a survey of almost 900 employers conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and consultants KPMG.

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    Cash For Car Dangers


    One of the biggest debates over the past few years has been whether companies should allow employees to opt out of their company cars and take the cash instead. Employees receive a cash lump sum or a monthly payment and freedom of choice to drive what they want. ...

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    European Businesses Still Face Expense Management Nightmare


    One third of European businesses do not know what percentage of their controllable expenditure relates to travel and entertainment (T&E), according to a new Visa Commercial White Paper report prepared by Ipsos MORI entitled Managing travel expenses .