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    Why it’s important for SMEs to be net zero


    Back in June 2019, the UK became the first major global economy to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. Here’s why it’s so important for the nation’s small-to-medium sized businesses to play their part when it comes to reaching net zero.

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    How the drink industry will evolve in an eco-conscious world


    For a time, the focus of sustainability in the food and drinks industries lay on how our products were packaged. But as time moved on, the conversation progressed to how it’s transported and manufactured.

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    Sustainability still top priority for businesses


    Sustainability remains a top priority for over a third (37%) of businesses, in spite of Covid-19 recovery and profitability concerns.

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    Vaccine rollout boosts small business confidence


    Small business owners are feeling overwhelmingly more confident about their prospects for 2021 following the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, according to research by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Starling Bank.

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    Becoming a B Corp


    This session sees Great British Entrepreneur Awards Founder Francesca James speak with a panel of B Corp business leaders including Pippa Murray of Pip & Nut, Jo-Anne Chidley of Beauty Kitchen and Gareth Jones of Town Square Spaces.

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    City mobility post-pandemic: A better new normal


    What 2020 does that mean for the concept of smart cities if there are fewer people spending time in them?

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    How to… deliver better business travel


    Employers have a duty to ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are undertaken for their employees, particularly when asking them to travel overseas on business. Recent unrest around the world, including conflict in Libya and the Middle East, has prompted many organisations to review their policies and procedures for overseas ...

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    One In Five Workers Commutes More Than 90 Minutes Every Day


    Long-distance commuting is still the norm in spite of progress in flexible working practices with 20% of commuters travelling over 90 minutes every day, finds global workplace solutions provider, Regus.

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    Work-Stops-Play! Brits Battle Their Families About Working On Holiday


    It seems you can take the worker out of the office but you can t take the office out of the worker! In fact, 80 per cent of Brits cannot switch off and continue to check their work email when on holiday. However, the vast majority of those ...

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    Why Should Businesses Travel By Train And Buy Tickets Online?


    Regardless of whether you are going on a short business trip or a longer one that will take several hours or more, train travel is often cheaper and faster than other forms of UK business travel.

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    Don’t Drive Your Corporate Executives Crazy


    Jonathan Dow, MD of Club Class Chauffeurs, Sussex, explains why businesses, big and small, should consider using a national corporate chauffeur service and how savings in time and cost can be achieved with such as service.

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    Business Travel RIP


    Two news stories this summer once again highlighted just how quickly businesses are going to have to change their approach to travel.

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    New Road Traffic Act Could Reduce Personal Injury Claims Costs


    Organisations could potentially reduce their claims costs and motor fleet insurance premiums by adhering to the Road Traffic Act s new personal injury claims process, which was introduced in England and Wales on 30 April.

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    Manual Accounts Just Don’t Add Up: Small Businesses Could Be Missing Out On Significant Cost Savings


    This article offers advice on how SMEs can save both time and money through a Corporate Card Programme

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    A Comprehensive Policy And Tight Supply Chain Control Are The Key To Managing Travel Costs For SMEs


    The recent economic climate has caused many companies to once again put their travel costs under the spotlight, and with the increased use of video conferencing and other tools which eliminate much of the need for long-haul travel, these costs can often be difficult for businesses to justify. This ...

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    Sending Staff Abroad: Good Planning Can Save Lives


    Ensuring successful overseas assignments for employees is no easy task. The potential pitfalls businesses face are many not least in terms of health and welfare. Businesses frequently have to contend with a variety of issues from full scale medical emergencies to employees that fail to adjust to the ...

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    Budgeting For Business Abroad


    Research from the ONS found that overseas business trips by UK residents fell by 22% last year as companies scaled back costs to try and overcome the recession. Despite ongoing efforts to minimise corporate trips, the simple fact remains that foreign travel is a staple part of the workings ...

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    Prepaid Currency Cards Revolutionise Business Travel Expenses


    Prepaid cards started life in the US ten years ago as an alternative means to having a bank account and to manage money effectively. Rapidly growing in popularity, they spread to the UK.

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    Reign In Expenses In The Recession


    It s time to make some financial resolutions. With one of the worst recessions in history barely even thawing out, and many businesses looking at ways to save, expenses is one untapped area with massive recession-proofing potential.

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    Top Tips For Better Business Travel


    During these difficult economic times, business travellers are doing their best to save both time and money.