Great British Entrepreneurs Community

The Great British Entrepreneurs Community is a place to showcase your business to the UK's largest community of entrepreneurs, share your ideas, generate and receive leads, find what you're looking for and connect with others.

”Our mission is simple; to support, connect and encourage entrepreneurial minds in Great Britain”

About Great British Entrepreneurs

We launched the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2013 with the aim to create a platform that celebrated and championed the entrepreneurs behind some of the UK’s brilliant businesses, not how much money they make. 

We have been incredibly fortunate to be supported by some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs who have supported our mission and joined our judging panel.

As our alumni of winners and finalists continued to grow, we realised that this programme was far more than ‘just’ an awards ceremony. Instead, we were at the helm of a community and thriving eco-system, providing all year round support and opportunities for winners and finalists to connect and showcase their businesses.


Are you a Great British Entrepreneur?

At the centre of one of the largest networks of entrepreneurs via The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, we know how tough it is right now for entrepreneurs at the helm of small businesses. 

We believe that the appetite to buy local and support small will be accelerated and emphasised due to recent events and so this online community is a place for entrepreneurs to showcase their story, expertise, businesses specialities, links & collateral and contact details. 

When you join you’ll also get access to quarterly ‘Ongoing Entrepreneur Development’ content in the form of videos and digital handouts delivered by industry experts and practitioners.

No fluff, this content will provide you with information and advice on the skills, concepts and processes all entrepreneurs need to master. 

This community will be marketed as a place for buyers (consumer and B2B) to visit and browse when they want to purchase and support an independent business.

It will also be a place where entrepreneurs can find one another for collaborations and peer to peer support.

Use this community to:

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Display your products & services
  • Publish events & initiatives
  • Tell your entrepreneurial story
  • Generate leads
  • Access discounts & special offers
  • Up-skill with our member only content 
  • Network with peers
  • Find collaboration opportunities
  • Put yourself front and centre of a community that wants to support entrepreneurs

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Does your business support entrepreneurs?

We are the team behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards

We’ve always been far more of a community than ‘just’ an awards programme but that community has always come together through face to face interactions and events. Knowing that that won’t be possible for quite some time, we decided to mobilise our community and give it an online platform.

If you run a business that serves and supports entrepreneurs then this is the place for you to meet and engage with them.

When the world returns to normal we’ll also be running a number of community events which all members will be invited to.

If you are:

  • A law firm
  • An accountancy firm
  • In Professional services
  • A financial advisor/advisory firm
  • Providing funding for entrepreneurial businesses
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and their businesses

Then this is the platform for you. 

We’ve lowered the barriers to entry here to make this community inclusive.

Use this community to:

  • Showcase your expertise to an audience of entrepreneurs & business decision makers
  • Communicate & share your offering
  • Publish events & initiatives
  • Generate leads
  • Support the entrepreneurial eco-system in Great Britai.

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Will King: King of Shaves

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community matches my ambition to not only celebrate entrepreneurs and their achievements but to support them in their endeavours. Will King: King of Shaves.

Claire Harper, Muscle Moose


Claire Harper: Muscle Moose

GBEA is a community that really does work to the benefit of everyone involved. Something you don’t realise, even being in business yourself, is just how many incredible British businesses there are and we should be sharing success stories and championing those getting out there and doing it more – and that’s exactly what GBEA does. Claire Harper, Muscle Moose.

Nick Coleman, Snaffling Pig


Nick Coleman: Snaffling Pig

As an entrepreneur, you come up against so many unexpected highs and lows - being able to share that with other founders, within the GBEA community, has been incredibly rewarding and I’d recommend it to anyone. Nick Coleman, Snaffling Pig.

Great British Entrepreneur Community