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Ahead of the Entrepreneur Wales Awards, we spoke to judge Robert Lo Bue, founder of Applingua, about what advice he would give to a budding entrepreneur, why are entrepreneurs so important to the economy, and what gives Wales the entrepreneurial edge.

He said entrepreneurs always need to test their ideas, but not just on one group of people: “they need to test their ideas first before starting, not with friends and family but with the general public, send out surveys, call people up, ask existing entrepreneurs in the market perhaps for their ideas or take on their idea and then they just need to get their head down and start working on it.

“They create new jobs they also look at things differently, there’s also a social aspect where they create job diversity for the workforce and it’s all about creating new opportunities for new people and creative ideas.”

When he asked about how Wales had the entrepreneurial edge, he said: “It is a very nice place to live, the cost of living is lower than the UK average, there’s a huge range of students here and graduates and the people as everyone knows are very friendly.