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In preparation for the inaugural Entrepreneur Wales Awards, it is important to know what qualities an entrepreneur should have; Why are they important? And why is it important to celebrate them?

We spoke to one of the judges Mark Hooper, founder of Indycube and asked him what he is looking for.

He said that there are a number of qualities an entrepreneur should have, but one main quality is essential: “The main thing they need is the ability to get up and make things happen. I think sometimes if you’re waiting for other people to do things then being an entrepreneur isn’t for you.”

“Sometimes in Wales we aren’t very good at celebrating what we’re actually good at and i think there are a group of people who are actually doing some really good work at the moment.”

In regards to how entrepreneurs benefit the economy, he said: “I think they’re important to the economy because we need to find growth in Wales, there’s lots of good ideas out there, and we need people who have the guts to try and make it happen. It’s good for people to take risks as well and try things out, because sometimes we are worried about failing but real entrepreneurs will get up and go and will do something again. So we are looking for that special type of person.”