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Fresh Business Thinking editor, Jonathan Davies, is part of the judging panel for the first ever Entrepreneur Wales Awards. So what better time to turn the tables and ask him a few questions?

We asked him why entrepreneurs are so important to the economy. He had this to say: "Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the UK economy. We've got more businesses starting now than ever before, and what that means is more job opportunities which brings unemployment down, which means the government has to spend on benefits. And it obviously creates more [in] taxes as the company grows, which obviously helps the Treasury and helps the country's overall finances."

But focusing on Wales, what gives it an entrepreneurial edge?

Jonathan said: "I think that it's not London really helps - there's a huge focus at the moment on building economies outside of the capital. And I think Wales being quite small helps because there's more of a community and it's much easier to build bridges with other entrepreneurs to help grow your business. And in Cardiff, in particular, there's a real buzz around the start-up community at the moment - it's one of the fastest growing in Europe."

The Entrepreneur Wales Awards are all about celebrating entrepreneurs' stories. But why is that so important?

Jonathan said: "I think it's essential. We have to. I think probably as a UK population, we tend to not take a step back and actually look at what we've done, what we've achieved, and realise how great it is. So I think something like the Entrepreneur Wales Awards gives the entrepreneurs that sense of 'wow, you've actually done this. Look how great it is and look at what you've achieved."