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    Standing out from the crowd: being individual amongst the socially conscious collective


    Is the fight against pollution becoming convoluted? Is everyone too concerned about being concerned? Socially conscious businesses have seen a huge surge, with the pandemic also playing no small part in the increase of consumers who are careful where their purchases are coming from alongside businesses keeping a close eye on their products to ensure sustainability

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    Sustainability vs wellbeing: Balancing the office return


    With pandemic restrictions gradually being lifted, reintegration to the office is now on the table, but is it for the best? Is there a balance to be found between sustainability and wellbeing that can give us the positives without the negatives?

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    Small and sustainable: How small businesses can have a big impact


    With the majority of consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, it’s a given that businesses are going to have to adapt to this newfound attitude towards sustainability sooner or later. But how easy is it for those that aren’t globally spanning corporations to hit the ground running with new consumer culture?

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    Will the end of lockdown spark a food & drink start up boom?


    The number of new businesses registered soar over the second half of 2020 despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the ONS. There is growing evidence that the food & drink industries in particular saw a boom in new start-ups - the number of distilleries alone rose 29% compared with 2019.

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    Why it’s important for SMEs to be net zero


    Back in June 2019, the UK became the first major global economy to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. Here’s why it’s so important for the nation’s small-to-medium sized businesses to play their part when it comes to reaching net zero.

  • Matt O'Crowley is the founder of Tanki.

    Lockdown toilet paper venture Tanki cleans up with £1 million sales forecast


    Tanki, an environmentally friendly toilet paper business rolled out since lockdown is set for £1 million of sales in its first year. Here’s how founder Matt O’Crowley grabbed onto a trend and ran with it. 

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    Fashion for good: Standing out when consumers look for purpose


    Amidst the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was a year when activism for human rights, racial and environmental issues became mainstream, according to Natasha Frangos, head of corporate at haysmacintyre. 

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    How the drink industry will evolve in an eco-conscious world


    For a time, the focus of sustainability in the food and drinks industries lay on how our products were packaged. But as time moved on, the conversation progressed to how it’s transported and manufactured.

  • Sustainable brands- The now and the future

    Sustainable brands: The now and the future


    In this session Natasha Frangos, head of corporate at haysmacintyre, talks with Christopher Suarez, co-founder of Ssōne, and Kate McGuire, founder of Converted Closet, about the fashion industry’s journey on addressing the challenge of becoming more sustainable.

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    How the food industry will evolve in an eco-conscious world


    Consciousness of sustainability is now firmly on the minds of consumers and is only likely to increase as we continue to witness the impact of climate change happening around us now.

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    Are social entrepreneurs the business leaders of the future?


    In this free session, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards speaks with leading social entrepreneur and passionate changemaker, Mel Young MBE to discuss the role of social entrepreneurs and how to create social good with a purpose-driven business.

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    Sustainability still top priority for businesses


    Sustainability remains a top priority for over a third (37%) of businesses, in spite of Covid-19 recovery and profitability concerns.

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    Becoming a B Corp


    This session sees Great British Entrepreneur Awards Founder Francesca James speak with a panel of B Corp business leaders including Pippa Murray of Pip & Nut, Jo-Anne Chidley of Beauty Kitchen and Gareth Jones of Town Square Spaces.

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    £200 Million Boost for Renewable Energy


    Renewable energy projects will be able to compete for a budget of over £200 million a year, as part of the government’s reforms to the electricity market, Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey announced today.

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    Postcard from Philippines


    With extensive reform programs in place, and strong growth on the horizon, Typhoon Yolanda has hardly made a dent on the Philippine economy.

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    £25 Million Energy ‘Catalyst’ to Support Energy Innovation


    A new Energy ‘Catalyst’ fund to support innovative UK companies to develop their early stage innovations into commercial successes has been launched today (Thursday) with news of an initial £25m round of funding.

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    Postcard from Hong Kong


    Business, finance, and a free port help to confirm Hong Kong’s dominance in the world rankings as Asia’s global entrepreneurial hub.

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    £20,000 competition to find tomorrow’s green entrepreneurs launched


    The Mayor Boris Johnson is challenging the capital’s students to come up with new and innovative ideas to cut carbon emissions and boost London’s green credentials.