By Lea Pachta

With freezing temperatures hitting the UK in the last few weeks, many consumers are worried about paying their energy bills, reveals a new survey from Which? Switch.

Around two thirds (65%) of consumers quizzed by the independent energy switching service said they’d been thinking more about their energy bills because of the recent cold weather.


More than a third (38%) said they were worried about paying their energy bill this month. Some people confessed to dipping into their own – or their children’s – savings to make sure they could afford to pay their bills, while some cut back on spending in other areas, sacrificing gym memberships or holidays. Over half said they were wearing more clothes to keep heating bills to a minimum.

Almost a third (31%) had either switched energy provider or called to check they were on the cheapest tariff.

Martyn Hocking, Editor, Which?, says:

“There’s little choice but to turn the heating up when you’re faced with cold weather, so it’s inevitable that people are going to worry about their bills.

“It’s worth logging on to to check if you’re getting the best deal – switching energy providers is quick and easy, and it can save you hundreds of pounds. If you are already on the best tariff, you may be able to cut your bills further by taking a few simple steps, like paying by direct debit or on a monthly basis, or moving to an online account.”

With the cold snap set to continue, Which? Switch also looked at the actions people took to stay warm during cold weather and discovered the following top five:

1. Put on extra clothes (84%)
2. Had a warm drink (73%)
3. Had a filling meal (40%)
4. Blocked draughts under doors/ windows (39%)
5. Stayed in bed (37%)

Three people even admitted to making love to stay warm.

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