Employees who work for small firms are generally happier than their counterparts working in larger organisations, a new report has revealed.The Chiumento Happiness Index, from Human Resources consultancy Chiumento, reveals that around 86 per cent of those who work at a company with 20 to 100 staff feel happy at work – only 78 per cent of those whose company employs over 1,000 people say that are happy with their job, however.Friendship was cited as the most important factor in determining employee happiness, with nearly three-quarters saying that good relationships were the reason why they enjoyed their jobs. Other factors shown to influence employee happiness were ‘having a good manager or boss’ and ‘having a good work/life balance’. A poor level of recognition for achievements, a lack of communication from the top and a low salary were shown to be the main drivers of employee dissatisfaction, in contrast."Organisations might question the relevance of employee happiness, but a happy employee is likely to be more productive and perform better than an unhappy employee," said Sarah Chiumento, chief executive of the company. "The benefit to business is that employees will be likely to participate positively and contribute more," she continued. © Adfero Ltd