Email marketing campaigns "clearly work" when they are effectively implemented, market researchers have claimed.Web analysis company CheetahMail says that such marketing campaigns, when permission-based and targeted at willing customers, drive up visitors to retailers’ websites and significantly increase sales – across every sector.The company says that the average value of a click-through purchase was £40 last month – although the mean worth of such a transaction rose as high as £130 on December 29th, analysts claim."At December’s peak, one in every four click-throughs resulted in a sale, demonstrating that highly targeted email marketing campaigns clearly work," Matt Potter, head of client services at CheetahMail, said."As retailers continue to adopt multi-channel marketing capabilities and the cost of broadband access and price of home PCs becomes even more competitive, it’s likely that next December we’ll see a significant increase on these figures," Mr Potter continued.© Adfero Ltd