Public Offerings Ltd, Great British Photography Challenge

Ellen Stone IF frame

A curator, creative and the founder and CEO of photographic arts agency Public Offerings Ltd, Stone makes it her raison d’être to nurture artists at every stage in their journey, sheltering them from the harsh climes of an industry that can, as she puts it, “completely eat up and disregard people’s real passion”.

The art photography agency is designed to represent artists that are traditionally under-represented by the blue-chip gallery system – with a particular focus on women and LGBTQIA+ artists. If it sounds like her schedule is crammed, that’s because it is. As she admits, hard-working arts professionals are in demand in the art world – even if they draw less attention from the public. “People often think of the art world as just the artist, but it’s an incredibly collaborative industry that needs gallerists, curators, academics and people to write and talk about it,” Stone explains. “That’s really where I found my place.”

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