Founder, We Are Ludo

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Elizabeth Cowper has over 20 years of HR leadership experience and is a WoMo (working mother) of 3 and Founder of Ludo. Ludo provides tech for inclusion, with a specific focus on women. Ludo’s first module, WoMo Maternity, launched in 2021 and supports businesses to transform the experience of maternity leave. Ludo Menopause launches in October 2023. Latest research tells us it will take 136 years to close the gender pay gap and we need affirmative action. Ludo is affirmative action.

Elizabeth spent her HR career working for brands such as Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols, LVMH and Tapestry. Tapestry own Coach, kate spade and Stuart Weitzman where Elizabeth was VP HR for Europe and Global Head of Wellbeing. Elizabeth has been described as the ‘culture adjuster’ and was listed in the HR Most Influential Awards for 5 years. Elizabeth has extensive knowledge of working to a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. She has first hand experience of driving authentic inclusion and understands the importance of a diverse workforce for the success of a business.

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