Barry McNeill, founder of Work Extraordinary

Join Barry McNeill, founder of Work Extraordinary, for an insightful and challenging dive into one of the biggest risks of focusing on growth - losing sight of your customers’ needs.

We all strive for progress. But getting caught in the cycle of growth for growth’s sake can end up damaging your business, alienating your people and losing customers to the competition.

This webinar is designed to help you beat this killer growth pain by explaining how you can evolve more positively, keep your customer front of mind and support sustainable growth.

Barry will be joined by a set of panellists who are all at different stages of growth and will share their stories and growth tips with you. These include leaders of several professional service firms, giving you the opportunity to ask questions about how to grow your organisation in a way that benefits your customers and your teams.

The webinar runs for 45 minutes and includes presentation, discussion and Q&A.