There’s an 800lb Gorilla coming over the horizon and it’s called Disruptive Technology. It’s going to touch and change at least one facet of the majority of businesses. It’s going to kill some business and grow some businesses but you can be assured that there will be significant changes in the way your clients, other businesses or consumers, will interact with your business going forward. We call the commercial future Business 3.0.

The problem for most businesses is that they can’t afford the McKinsays and Accentures of this world to tell them what they don’t know.

The purpose of this special report and the associated Masterclass is to give you a detailed heads up in some of the key areas of business functionality that will most susceptible to change. We’re going to tell you what you don’t know. And more importantly the things you can do about what you don’t know.

The report and conference will address the following:

• Most purchasing decisions today, consumer and business start with a Google search. What if Google got a lot smarter and could help people verify marketing messages? What if you could ask Google real questions like “what is the vitamin c content of Ribena”. Is the age of spin as good as dead?

• Google is killing bad sites: what do you need to do to your site to gain (and keep) competitive advantage. We’ve worked out how to get traffic to our sites but how do we get them to hang around and interact. The age of usability is upon us, ask Apple!

• We’ve all heard about the astounding success and reach of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. How can these sites be used to help you better expose and market your business.

• PR is in the marketing toolbox of most companies. But offline PR is on the decline in the same way and at a similar rate to the way that traditional media is in decline. We call it disrupted PR. Offline PR is being disrupted by online PR — we need to tell you what it is, how it works and how you can use it.

• Online advertising is re-inventing the whole advertising model and disrupting the advertising business. But what will this look like going forward and what changes can we expect.

By John Straw
Disrupted-Horizon, the Business 3.0 Consultancy