Crowdify, a new kind of full-service marketing group built for the next generation of clients, communities, frontiers and consumers, launches with prestigious client roster. 

We are a new-style marketing group Crowdify, which has been designed to deliver the marketing needs of 21st century brands and fast-growth companies, has launched in the UK with an impressive roster of clients, including Spurs FC, Wembley, NHS, Uber, Deliveroo, UFC Gym UK, PureGym and Via Van.

A next-gen communications ecosystem built for the new generation of clients, communities, frontiers and consumers, Crowdify has been set up by entrepreneurs James Rix and Fergus Harrington, alongside sports marketing expert Ryan Horn, to offer a full range of marketing services particularly targeting the specific needs of ‘fast growth’ companies, whether home-grown or from overseas.

A new kind of company, built to leverage new technologies, new media channels, new working practices and new consumer markets, Crowdify is agile, adaptive, responsive and forward thinking – but also grounded and focused on product and brand strategy and return on marketing investment.

’Welcome to Crowdify. We’re a passionate, expert team of marketeers, spanning all areas of Digital, Social Media, Design, Branding and Experiential Marketing. Whether you’re looking for a brand refresh, live campaign or product launch we’re here to deliver exactly what you need.

We know that behind every business is a story: late nights, early mornings, passion, dreams, risk and reward. We understand that your business is unique, and we want to hear all about it. Meet us for a coffee or cocktail (we have our own pub onsite – Knowhere Special) and tell us about your brand. Let us understand your journey so far and your goals for the future. 

Crowdify will get you there.’