The Internet has changed the way we do business, forever, never before have people been able to communicate to such large numbers for such small amounts of investment.

On 3rd September the National Indoor Athletic Centre, Cardiff will play host to some of the leading online marketing experts in the UK.

• John Straw, digital Guru

Identifying Link Partners: Links are the linkqua franca (sorry) of the Internet — they provide traffic and significantly contribute to better search positions. But all links are not created equal — a link from a site well regarded by Google carries authority. A link from a site well regarded by Alexa carries good potential traffic. The trick is understanding how to filter sites using the right criteria in order to build a target list.

• David White, CEO, Weboptimiser Media Ltd

Search Engine Marketing Audit: David White will share processes for managing your search marketing strategy to get the most from natural and pay per click search as well as top tips for coordinating a search agency. Using his insider knowledge, delegates will be able to learn from his strategies and tactics to really make a success of their search campaigns, whether managed in-house or by an outside agency.

David will provide action plans with process flow charts to share the tools that can enable companies can maximize their search strategy. For instance, for Pay per Click David will explain the seven critical elements from how to manage project set up to copy testing through to measuring campaign effectiveness.

• Justin McCormick, Paypoint Internet Payment Services

Getting started in e-commerce: With an estimated £46 billion spent by UK consumers via the internet in 2007, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to sell their products and services online. Before you can start selling over the internet there are several things that need to be in place.

Here we will take you through the steps required to accept payments online — identifying the best option for your business; how to effectively implement; and addressing steps to improve security.

• Andrew Girdwood, Head Of Search, bigmouthmedia

How to avoid the pit falls of social media marketing: Andrew will look at the challenges that social media marketing brings. He’ll address such issues as the legality or illegality of some methods of social media marketing, trying to measure the success or failure of social media and whether social media campaigns can be ported across different verticals or geographies.

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