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Coming to Dublin’s Convention Centre on 23rd and 24th September 2019, PrivSec Dublin will bring together a global audience of senior decision-makers and privacy specialists to explore the bonds between data privacy and security.

As Brexit negotiations continue, confusion lingers over how companies that transfer personal data beyond British shores can continue to do so lawfully beyond the UK’s forecast breakaway from Europe.

Deal or no deal?

The data privacy regulator for the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office states that the UK government “intends to recognise the EU adequacy decisions which have been made by the European Commission before the exit date.

“This will allow restricted transfers to continue to be made to most organisations, countries, territories or sectors covered by an EU adequacy decision.”

Bespoke arrangements have been confirmed for the UK regarding the EU’s recent adequacy decision for Japan, an agreement that implements secure protections for UK data as well as EU data.

Arrangements have been modified to meet needs regarding the EU’s adequacy decision for the EU/US Privacy Shield, while the British government is negotiating a continued application for restricted transfers between the UK and the US.

Join the debate

Live at PrivSec Dublin, delegates can hear data privacy activist, Max Schrems explore the post-Brexit data flow landscape to greater depth. The founder of None Of Your Business (NOYB), the Austrian lawyer will also take incoming surveillance laws into consideration, delivering insight into what the future holds for data transfer regulation.

Introducing your speaker, Max Schrems

In 2011, a personal data request submitted to Facebook revealed that the social network had a record of Schrems’ entire user history.

Everything from “liked” pages to private messages he had sent – and even deleted – were still stored on Facebook’s servers.

Schrems subsequently made 22 complaints to the Irish Data Protection Commission, accusing Facebook of breaking European data protection laws, in fundamental violation of user privacy.

A prolonged legal battle took him all the way to the European Court of Justice, where in 2015, a landmark legal victory triggered an international crisis, and saw the end of Safe Harbour, a data-transfer interface used by thousands of organisations.

Today, Schrems maintains the fight for global privacy rights through, a privacy lobbying group dedicated to ensuring regulators enforce the laws that are there to protect us. The goal is to uphold data privacy which Schrems considers “the most unenforced right” in Europe.

Also speaking at PrivSec Dublin

· Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead at Protecture

· Stevan Stanojevic, Ethics and Compliance Manager at Ethiad Airways

· Dylan Corcoran, Technologist HEO at Data Protection Commission Ireland

· Sheila Fitzpatrick, President and Founder at Fitzpatrick & Associates

· Jacky Fox, Managing Director at Accenture

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