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  • myfitnesspal

    Breaches and the lesson from MyFitnessPal


    A company has got it right. MyFitnessPal suffered a data breach: that’s worrying, but it is how it dealt with it that is impressing privacy experts. A data breach will happen. Experts on data privacy keep telling us that. Sure, under GDPR, you need to take all reasonable steps to ...

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    Debenhams blames Beast from the East and Beast from Seattle for the collapse in profits


    Profits at Debenhams are down by 85 per cent. The weather, government and the company from Seattle, Amazon, got the blame. As these words are written, the UK is enjoying its hottest April day since 1949. Yet, just a few weeks ago, Brits maybe got an inkling of ...

  • anteater

    As US Senators fail test they set Zuckerberg, lawyers take up the challenge


    Deposit Photos GDPR has got teeth. The US regulatory approach to privacy, by contrast, is all gums. And US Senators, based on their recent performance when they were supposed to be grilling Mark Zuckerberg, shows they while they may have teeth, they don’t seem to know how to ...

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    Facebook and Aleksandr Kogan had worked on a massive data set before - so what?


    Now it has emerged that Facebook and Aleksandr Kogan, the academic at the centre of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica storm, worked together on a dataset concerning 57 billion Facebook friendships. But is this such a big deal? At first glance it seems impossible - 57 billion friendships, that’s more friendships than ...

  • fakenews1

    Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle shows how GDPR could create a trillion dollar boon


    Deposit Photos: Data privacy is no longer a legal requirement, it’s vital for greasing the wheels of the economy, as the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle shows. Following the latest revelations concerning the use of data acquired from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, shares in Facebook have fallen sharply, knocking around $30 ...

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    Complex data landscape posing new challenges


    Image: Wikimedia Vast majority of businesses see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy, yet a complex data landscape is posing new challenges A new global data management report, commissioned by Experian, has revealed that organisations are struggling to implement data management strategies to harness the ...

  • cyber-security-634x360

    Data Security and GDPR


    The General Data Protectionism Regulation coming into force on May 25th this year has important implications for data security.You can break down the relevance of GDPR to data security: Firstly, by defining what we mean by personal data and a data breach. GDPR also defines the types on individuals who ...

  • The-Bunker-625x360

    GDPR is an opportunity not a challenge


    The headlines are scary, but the reality is ‘opportunity’, said speakers at the recent GDPR summit London.A mere one in four adults trust businesses with their data, said Darren Spence, Chief Revenue Officer, GRAVICUS, quoting data from the ICO, the UK regulator in privacy.That is why GDPR is an opportunity, ...

  • Article Graphic

    GDPR Conference Europe: Public Sector - May 4th


    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force on 25th May 2018 and organisations in the public sector need to ensure they are able to comply with the regulation. The GDPR Conference Europe: Public Sector , run by the GDPR Summit Series will take place on the 4 ...

  • small_business_GDPR

    What small businesses need to consider to be GDPR-ready


    Companies need to be able to demonstrate that personal data in their possession has been given consent, is secure and is deleted when it is no longer required.Mike Lenard from Tailored Data Solutions takes up the story. On May 25th 2018, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating within the EU ...

  • Ian-West-625x360

    GDPR is a journey not a destination


    It’s not possible to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, said Ian West, speaking at the latest GDPR summit London , so what can you do?“It’s about creating a defensible position,” said Ian West, Director of Digital Information, Project One. He explained: “GDPR is a brutally simple concept, but ...

  • Feature

    Ten steps to get organised for GDPR


    Kabir Barday the Chief Executive Officer of OneTrust, took to the GDPR summit London on January 30th, to discuss operationalising GDPR and privacy by design. Privacy by design as a concept was first defined in Canada by Ann Cavoukian, information and privacy commissioner for the state of Ontario from 1997 ...

  • ardi1

    GDPR Summit London: Trust and accountability is what GDPR is about, says Ardi Kolah


    Speaking at the GDPR Summit London , Ardi Kolah, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Data Protection & Privacy, rammed home the message: GDPR is about trust and accountability. The great novelist Graham Greene once wrote a spy thriller called ‘The Human Factor’ and a riveting read it was too. Today, speaking at ...

  • Feature

    Soros lays into Facebook, but would authorities dare fine it a billion dollars under GDPR?


    George Soros - the billionaire hedge fund investor turned philanthropist has laid into Facebook and Google, but says that EU wide regulations are at least holding the companies in check. Under GDPR rules, Facebook could theoretically be fined $1billion, Google even more. But would regulators dare? Speaking at the World ...

  • Feature

    Data Protection Impact Assessments and GDPR


    The DPIA or data protection impact assessment, is an important part of GDPR compliance. Under what circumstances do you need a DPIA, and how do you implement it? What is a DPIA? Also known as a privacy impact assessment, a DPIA is a tool which enables organisations to identify the ...

  • Feature

    Organisations that can’t prove the adequacy of risk-based security could fail GDPR compliance, says Akamai Technologies


    Image: Derek Gavey Akamai Technologies, Inc. the cloud delivery platform, has alerted organisations across Europe that failure to take a risk-based approach to handling personal data could lead to a lack of compliance – and heavy fines – with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With four months ...

  • GDPR_henley

    Henley Business School and GDPR Summit Series announce new partnership


    GDPR Summit Series, the UK’s leading GDPR event series, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Henley Business School’s GDPR Transition Programme. The partnership aims to ensure organisations receive the foremost guidance on achieving GDPR compliance, and brings together an alignment of the UK’s leading data protection experts. Ardi ...

  • b2b

    GDPR: how will it affect B2B marketing?


    Deposit Photos The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, means businesses are going to have to apply quite the re-think in how they market their products to consumers But what about business to business, or B2B, will this be affected too? The simple answer is yes, B2B marketing will ...

  • Feature

    Ten things employers need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation


    Recent research suggested almost half of companies were concerned that they won’t meet the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With less than six months to go until the rules come into force, Jo Stubbs, Head of Content at XpertHR, offers guidance on ten things employers need ...

  • GDPR_offer

    Get 30 per cent off your GDPR Summit London tickets


    With only one week away until the GDPR Summit London, there are only a few remaining tickets. The event is designed to help organisations prepare for the upcoming GDPR, providing a roadmap for compliance across all departments. We bring together industry-leading speakers to share their professional insight and practical GDPR ...